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  1. Trent Williams wants out of WAS. I wonder if CIN is going to look into scooping him up.
  2. I believe we saw Mixon's floor last season and that was with minimal help. A healthy Green, Eifert, and continued emergence of Boyd should improve those numbers regardless of CIN o-line woes. Everybody says o-line was terrible last year but Mixon averaged 5 ypc and I believe he had most runs over 20 yds. Bernard is out the door and saw most of his touches because he was selected in the Marvin Lewis regime, he will only give Mixon a breather. Volume is key with any RB and I believe Mixon will finish top 8 with touches (Saquon, Zeke, CMC, Kamara, DJ, Mixon, Bell, Gordon).
  3. Thanks for the input. I forgot to mention in my post I have to choose 2 keepers. I'm leaning towards AB and probably a coin toss on the RB's.
  4. 14 Team Auction, 1 pt. PPR My top choices are between AB, Mixon, and Conner. Majority of top WR's are being kept so AB would probably cost more to buy back than the RB options I have would cost. As far as the RB's go I favor Mixon over Conner but feel there's an argument for both backs being equal. Despite the reported offensive line woes Mixon has to deal with he is surrounded by talent especially if Eifert can remain healthy and Boyd continues to breakout. Like Mixon, Conner is surrounded by talent but may have to give up touches (supposedly). Overall I believe Mixon is the superior talent but talent doesn't win fantasy football championships, volume does and both backs should eat in their offenses.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. All AB naysayers, Let the man enjoy his time. Dude has been the greatest WR of this generation, he's just enjoying his shine. I recognized the talent officially 9/22/13, the game that made him famous (YouTube the s---), he's been my keeper since. In my league people were banking on him before that game but after that game I was sold, traded for him, Demaryius Thomas (WR1, crazy expectations that point out) at the time for AB & Stafford (was shunned for this). Nobody puts in the offseason work like this man (Youtube that as well). The Madden Curse is lifted (a real thing, except to the GOAT Tom B). He will prevail, next season especially if with another team, (49ers hopefully) as most prevalent WR's do when moving to another team year one (see Brandon Marshall most recent 1st yr w/ Jets). Even if he stays in PIT this man will continue to ball and remain ADP WR 1-3 until at least age 35.
  6. Madden Curse is real. Now that it's over hopefully he gets his head out his a**.
  7. Alex Collins, ATL & TEN rb's, RAMS d/st, Kenyan Drake (not his fault, still bust given his adp), OAK offensive skill positions.
  8. Can you continue to trust 3 to 4 targets a game in the playoffs though? And no deep ball from Brady.
  9. If Connor doesn't play is Samuels must start?
  10. Not watching the game, saw Gordon has 4 catches on 12 targets so far. Has his targets been catchable or did Titans D just show up this game?
  11. I hate Marvin Lewis. There's no reason Mixon should be coming out on 3rd downs especially for Walton. I really hope he gets canned soon.
  12. Was glad to see him ripping Rivers as Rivers is usually the one ripping somebody for not doing something. Good things to come.