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  1. Looking at my league none of the kickers have points. ESPN doing ESPN things. Should be fixed soon I hope.
  2. My only complaint is I wish he had a few more catches.
  3. I don't think it's wise to judge him after a game against the Jaguars when he was up against Ramsey and Bouye all day.
  4. Sleeper is my go to app for receiving breaking news (both major and minor), I also use The Score and follow each of my players on there to get every bit of news pertaining to them.
  5. This isn't surprising at all, the Lions put no effort into disguising their plays.
  6. Can Cooper get some targets that aren't called back from a penalty?
  7. Who's the Packers 3rd QB? They might need him by the end of this game with how the Bears are treating Kizer.