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  1. Yoan Moncada 2018 Outlook

    I've held for the simple fact that the weather has been brutal so far so it's hard to judge a lot of these guys' starts; especially in a city like Chicago. That and there's just nothing on my WW that looks like it can be better than what Moncada can potentially put up. Missed today's stats, but would love to plug him into my utility slot moving forward.
  2. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    This is how the Harper thread always looks in April. If you can get Trout for Harper you do it.
  3. Wheeler or Pivetta

    I appreciate the response but I can't stand responses like this stating "he's still available?". Every league has different settings and varying amount of teams. We're not talking about Kershaw or Kluber over here. Would it really surprise you if both of these guys finished with a 4+ ERA?
  4. Looking to add one of these two. Curious to see which of the two you all prefer. Thanks.
  5. Arenado or Bryant?

    I prefer Arenado but wouldn't be surprised if Bryant had a better season. Can't go wrong here.
  6. Try something like Severino plus Lindor for Syndergaard and Bogaerts. Lindor is an upgrade on Bogaerts and the difference between Thor and Severino is small and this is coming from a Mets fan. Or Sevy plus Donaldson for Thor and Castellanos. See how badly he wants him.
  7. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    This guy is an absolute stud and should not have been ranked so far down. They may sit him a bit considering they have a good bench and want to ease him back in but it he stays healthy there shouldn't be any reason why he's not playing every day. He's easily their second best hitter and could potentially challenge Cespedes as their top hitter. Excited to have him back.
  8. No Brainer?

    Side A. Sale is still young enough to make that a clear win now and in the future.
  9. No this is for Ohtani pitcher only.
  10. Offered his Harper and Ohatani for my Verlander and Cespedes. I've been trying to trade Verlander+ for an upgrade on him to no avail thus far. This is a keeper league based on the round you drafted them in, but Harper has go go back in the draft next year and I likely won't keep Cespedes. 12 Team Mixed H2H: C: Lucroy 1B: Carpenter 2B: Cano 3B: Lamb SS: Seager OF: Betts OF: Davis OF: Cespedes UTI: Desmond BN: Moncada DL: J. Turner SP: Kluber, Severino, Verlander, Gray, Cueto, Chatwood RP: Chapman, Knebel, Hader, Green, Bradley
  11. Side A or B

    Side A: Corey Seager and Khris Davis Side B: Xander Bogaerts and Nelson Cruz
  12. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    I did something similar this year as well loading up on pitching best I could as I'm in H2H as well. We only have a 30 IP minimum weekly so I grabbed Kluber, Verlander, Severino, Chapman, Knebel, and Green as my stud pitchers. W is a toss up and SV can be obtained throughout the year. Kind of just going with the flow on this too as it seems to be fluky sometimes. I'd also wreck my ERA and WHIP by chasing saves from crappy closers. I should be able to win ERA/WHIP/BB most weeks and potentially K unless the other team streams a ton of SP. Then I balanced the rest of my hitting with the likes of Carpenter, Turner, Seager, Cano, etc.
  13. Fantasy Hockey vs. Other fantasy sports

    H2H sucks for hockey. I switched over to a points system where players get a certain amount of points for goals, assists, saves, negative points for a goal against, etc. Similar to daily but I've added and removed certain categories.
  14. 2017 Champs! Post here

    Drafted 3rd overall in a 10-Team 0.5 pt PPR. Drafted OBJ with that pick and passed on Brown (Giants bias and the fact I've never owned him before). Needless to say when he went down I was super angry I didn't draft Brown like I should have. But alas I traded Gronk for Alshon Jeffrey and Brandin Cooks and had Brate for a while to keep me afloat at the TE position before I picked up Delanie Walker off FA. QB: Cam Newton WR: Larry Fitzgerald WR: Brandin Cooks WR: Alshon Jeffrey RB: Leonard Fournette RB: Mark Ingram TE: Delanie Walker FLEX: Davante Adams for much of the year but Keelan Cole for 'ship. K: Greg Zuerlein for most of year but Forbath for ship. DEF: Streamed for most of year but BAL for ship.
  15. Flex Help! WHIR (Leave Link)

    Dede and Olsen. Tough picks, can’t go wrong on them.