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  1. I play on Yahoo so Ohtani the pitcher was dropped. It's a pretty competitive 12-team league and guys like this are usually not dropped.
  2. Byron Buxton 2018 Outlook

    I was listening to Ron Darling on WFAN New York a few weeks ago and he made a good point on young players. These guys grow up playing the best of the best throughout their lives all the way up to the MLB level. At some point you need to make that next step otherwise you may never or this may be where you cap out. Sure, it's possible he could still blossom into a star but I don't see it. He may not be this bad but I don't think he'll ever be the player that everyone thought he was going to potentially be. There are young players ripping the cover off the ball as soon as they get called up. Buxton has not been one of those guys thus far.
  3. Luis Castillo 2018 Outlook

    I'm a Mets fan and starting him. Only players that make you think right now on that team are Cespedes and Cabrera. AGon and Bruce have been okay at best, Conforto and Rosario disappointing. Then you have the bottom 3 of the order in Reyes, Lido and Vargas and it's shaping up to get back on track for Castillo.
  4. Pick 1 SP

    Currently have Flaherty sitting on NA and not sure when he'll be back up. I've been bit before dropping guys who turn out to be studs once called up to stick. Jack Flaherty (NA) Luis Castillo Zach Wheeler Marcus Stroman Sonny Gray Tyler Chatwood Chris Stratton I can deal with some struggles leaving them on my bench because my pitching is elite in Kluber, Verlander, Severino and Cueto but some injuries have made my bench small with DL slots filled.
  5. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    He's still getting acclimated to games after a long stretch of not playing and missing spring training. All it takes is 1 game. If he has a 2 Homer game with a double today or tomorrow will people still be complaining then? He'll have a week where he goes off and everyone will be jump back on.
  6. Your pitching is strong and his is not outside of Verlander and Berrios. However, you don't have that top tier pitcher so offering any two of those would be an acceptable offer to me. I'm not a huge Archer fan so I'd see if I could move him and maybe Cueto if he comes back clean with his elbow. I'd try and keep Ohtani but I wouldn't hesitate to include him in as well.
  7. Yoan Moncada 2018 Outlook

    I've held for the simple fact that the weather has been brutal so far so it's hard to judge a lot of these guys' starts; especially in a city like Chicago. That and there's just nothing on my WW that looks like it can be better than what Moncada can potentially put up. Missed today's stats, but would love to plug him into my utility slot moving forward.
  8. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    This is how the Harper thread always looks in April. If you can get Trout for Harper you do it.
  9. Wheeler or Pivetta

    I appreciate the response but I can't stand responses like this stating "he's still available?". Every league has different settings and varying amount of teams. We're not talking about Kershaw or Kluber over here. Would it really surprise you if both of these guys finished with a 4+ ERA?
  10. Looking to add one of these two. Curious to see which of the two you all prefer. Thanks.
  11. Arenado or Bryant?

    I prefer Arenado but wouldn't be surprised if Bryant had a better season. Can't go wrong here.
  12. Try something like Severino plus Lindor for Syndergaard and Bogaerts. Lindor is an upgrade on Bogaerts and the difference between Thor and Severino is small and this is coming from a Mets fan. Or Sevy plus Donaldson for Thor and Castellanos. See how badly he wants him.
  13. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    This guy is an absolute stud and should not have been ranked so far down. They may sit him a bit considering they have a good bench and want to ease him back in but it he stays healthy there shouldn't be any reason why he's not playing every day. He's easily their second best hitter and could potentially challenge Cespedes as their top hitter. Excited to have him back.
  14. No Brainer?

    Side A. Sale is still young enough to make that a clear win now and in the future.
  15. No this is for Ohtani pitcher only.