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  1. Trade Ingram for Julio?

    Yes, absolutely. Julio has more name recognition. You could flip either him, Jordy or Brown for a better RB than Ingram.
  2. Need a replacement for OBJ. Cole Beasley or Brandon Coleman?
  3. I'm currently in rebuild mode and in my league you keep 3 players per year on a 3 year contract based upon their draft position. Severino was my last draft pick so he has lots of value at that round. I also have Schoop as a FA pickup so he could potentially come in as my second to last pick up. My other two keepers for next season are Betts (Round 6) and C. Seager (Round 20). Do you believe Sevy has taken the "next" step to stay consistent or should I try and trade him for a top draft pick and keep Schoop? No one is really biting on trading for Schoop despite his year because of how deep 2B is.
  4. I've had Wellington Castillo for the majority of the season but then Evan Gattis was dropped but he hasn't been playing much lately. Now Wilson Ramos is close to coming back but isn't in the deep Nats lineup from last year. So, ROS which Catcher? Castillo, Gattis or Ramos?
  5. Taijuan Walker Bartolo Colon Brandon McCarthy
  6. Trade Help

    I think people are just skeptical of hot starts and don't want to over react. However, sometimes it does bite you for not jumping on it (Villar last year). But, it happens every year where people have really hot starts and then cool off considerably. I did pick up Thames though and rejected the trade as I now have a lot of OF and will hope Gausman turns it around.
  7. Trade Help

    Was offered Eaton for my Gausman. I think 2/3 of my OF is really good (obviously), but Morales/Broxton are meh. I hadn't realized what Thames is doing and he's still available. Team is in sig. Pull the trigger on this trade or drop someone and grab Thames?
  8. Have a few questions regarding some starts this week. Start 2: Hyde @ Atlanta, Miller vs Jacksonville or Stewart @ Washington. Leaning Hyde and Stewart currently. Davante Adams @ Chicago or Michael Crabtree @ San Diego? Crabs injuries worry me. Walker @ KC or Gates vs Oakland. Thanks!
  9. 2016 All Bust Team

    I have Robinson, Hopkins, Ingram and Edelman all on one team. They're all garbage and CJA was on his way before getting hurt. QB: Newton RB: Gurley RB: Lacy/Ingram WR: Robinson WR: Hopkins WR: Marshall TE: Fleener FLEX: Maclin/Edelman
  10. Blount for Mike Evans? WHIR

    Yeah 100% do it. You might be thin at RB but flip Evans for a better RB like Bell or another top RB better than Blount.
  11. Question is in the title. Need to choose one of these two for my flex.
  12. Thought it was Demarco first after reading the title lol. Yeah this looks solid. Looking to win now I don't hate it. Go for it
  13. Brown trade WHIR

    I'd do it. You'd potentially have the top 2 players in FF. You still have solid starting RB and maybe you can flip a Landry or a Hilton for a Hyde, Martin, or Ware type RB.
  14. 2016 Vent & Rant Thread

    Have Hopkins, Robinson, CJA, Ingram, Edelman. Needless to say my record isn't very good.
  15. Julio Jones 2016 Season Outlook

    The thing is that's what fantasy football is these days. Unless you own Brown, Johnson or Elliott, people are freaking out over their firsts in redraft. OBJ, Hopkins, Miller, Gurley, etc. These are the things that we just have to deal with nowadays and why FF itself is a giant crapshoot.