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  1. Dude in my league last year had Barkley, Green and Thielen and then traded for Gurley. Clear cut favorite. Guess who beat that a** in the finals!? Trade is totally fair. I just traded Saquon for Aaron Jones in one of my leagues. Granted I lost A. Brown too but still. Dude does you no good being hurt and your manager may be out of it by the time he's healthy.
  2. Anyone ever play around with the settings and adjust points for the position? Default has it at 0-39 is 3 points, 40-49 is 4 points and 50+ is 5 points. Having a great week and losing because a kicker put up 20+ sucks. Anyone ever try something like 0-39 = 1 pt, 40-49 = 2 pts, 50+ = 3 points. This way they're still relevant by adding points but not influencing it greatly like you sometimes see now.
  3. I dropped. Sick of seeing an ofer every night. Will look to target next year at a discount but he's been useless.
  4. Thankfully I came here and read what you guys were saying since I was about to drop him thinking he was out an additional 6-8 weeks. Phew!
  5. Facts. I'm heading to the semi finals in my league and I'm a pretty big underdog due to injuries but I've been way more successful over the past few years after joining these forums.
  6. Both these QBs are horrible. Too bad I own Cam...
  7. I'm hoping next year he goes sort of unnoticed and I'll gladly take him. I feel like he'll be ranked anywhere from 60-80. Dude straight up mashes. Exactly what you want from your 1B.
  8. Anyone starting tonight? I'm 51/49 but leaning more towards no.
  9. No idea. Playoffs in head to head now so I dropped unfortunately.
  10. Best Pick: Fernando Tatis (Rd 15) Worst Pick: Jesus Aguilar (Rd 6) Best add: Choo or Hiura depending on how Hiura finishes Worst drop: none that come to mind Best trade: Voit for Devers or Severino for Flaherty Worst trade: none so far
  11. I think it was the first thoracic outlet syndrome more than the TJ. It's unfortunate as I am a Mets fan as I loved watching him pitch back in the day. He's done though.
  12. Gave: Meadows, Suarez and Strippling Received: Price and Benintendi Meadows and Suarez were bench bats for me as I have Devers at 3B and Bryant, Choo, and Upton in OF. Hoping Benny has a big 2nd half.