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  1. I don't think he will but stranger things have happened. It's a league where managers are active and stingy and moves don't happen frequently (trades, rage drops, etc)
  2. 12 team 6x6 H2H (OBP) Curious if you would. Pretty desperate for a 1B as mine are Yandy Diaz and Christian Walker. Players like him usually don't get dropped but his advanced stats scare me and it's back to back years now.
  3. Keep your guys. Thanks for the help on mine.
  4. Currently have Winker but outside of 2 solid weeks or so he's been pretty cold. Figured his OBP would be much higher too and it's barely over 300.
  5. Lol agreed but thanks for the input! Definitely tough to rank.
  6. Christian Walker Yandy Diaz Nate Lowe Daniel Vogelbach Rafael Devers
  7. Anyone starting @PHI today?
  8. I've been lucky enough to do that while holding onto him as well. I've grabbed Walker, Diaz, Winker and Meadows. Aguilar will sit on my bench right now for another few weeks since I'm able to afford that by picking those guys up. I know others are not as fortunate, but if you're able to hold, I would. He's certainly not THIS bad. However, like another poster said, if PT becomes a factor then he could be an easy drop. But he could just be getting a few days to clear his head. Like I said, I'm going to hold for a bit longer, but don't blame you if you dropped him.
  9. What's the format you're playing in and who is your current SS? That's a pretty good offer even for Trout.
  10. I'm holding as well considering he's able to take a walk. It still is early. Last year I cut Matt Carpenter after he started out horribly and then look what he did. He just needs a good game or two to get back into it.
  11. Minor league track record doesn't really give us much in regards to power. We've seen too many players that weren't considered "power" hitters come up and start hitting the long ball. Glad I hung on.