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  1. I give Michael Thomas/stephon Diggs i get brandin Cooks/Tyrell williams just don’t understand what compels someone to hit send trade after looking at that, just idiotic
  2. yea teamed him up with Gobert/Jordan/Capela...FG% will be just fine with those monsters. Just keep the assists flowing, and all is good!
  3. Willie Snead 2017 Season Outlook

    With byes and injuries, gotta start 3 out of those 4...let’s go Saints!
  4. Jerian Grant 2017-2018 Outlook

    I have Rondo on IR, have no problem playing this guy while he heals up. think Grant will be streaky, but I bet he posts some solid lines here and there. I was in need of some extra assists, think he will do just fine in that area, along with some steals and threes.
  5. Miles Turner or Gobert?

    Gobert for sure
  6. I like that idea! Your squad looking real solid down in the Sig, I was definitely eyeing Covington and Payton...Maybe I can try and put a deal together for Payton, those extra assists would be a nice boost.
  7. love the write up! Thanks alot for the feedback and will see what I can make happen!
  8. Give me Westbrook, turnovers won't hurt him
  9. appreciate it! Will look to the wire for some assists!
  10. 12 Teams - Auction Format (10 categories, FG%, FT%, Points, Threes, Assists, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, Double-Doubles, Turnovers) Went for a full on Points and FT% punt.... PG- Ricky Rubio SG- Gary Harris SF- Draymond Green PF- Joe Ingles C- Rudy Gobert G- Lonzo Ball F- Otto Porter Utility- DeAndre Jordan Utility- Clint Capela Utility- Trevor Ariza Bench- Patrick Beverley Bench- Jamal Murray Bench- Willie Cauley-Stein Bench- Darren Collison Bench- Josh Richardson IR - Rajon Rondo Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Feel like I did pretty solid, but again, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to fantasy NBA!
  11. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    So psyched to watch this guy play tonight finally! Should be a fun one, dinged up Howard, and should have some solid game script. All systems go for a solid night!
  12. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    dude Floyd sucks...this shouldn't even be discussed
  13. Mike Williams 2017 Season Outlook

    Not every guy needs to "tear it up" to be valuable. If you're in a smaller league, yea I get it, might be better options. But I'm 12-14 team leagues, you need to be ahead of the game. And again, I don't think anyone thinks he goes all Beckham on the league, but a solid contributor to a fantasy team is not out of the realm of possibilities.