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  1. Some people really shouldn't be playing fantasy baseball.
  2. Lol guy who dropped him needs to take a lap.
  3. Lol was waiting for one of these
  4. Why? It's baseball.
  5. fixed it
  6. Lackey sucks, why is everyone so surprised Thames took him deep in the Cubs clubhouse?
  7. Gotta up your game man funny looking at the guys in the 85 range, they mostly blow. Bench Heat to good for that.
  8. defense is a joke
  9. shame, this defense is a whole lot of suck...should have given up 1 hit and no runs. pathetic
  10. Same here! But then you realize you drafted Haniger and Thames and all is good in the world
  11. yeah and after I wrote that, I was thinking maybe those were players to just "target", not necessarily trade Marte for.
  12. Who in their right mind would trade any of those players for this guy? cbs is stupid
  13. No its been 2 weeks, and he hasn't even been that bad the past 5 games (4 runs, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 1 SB) he will be fine, take a deep breathe people.
  14. It's baseball, just because a guy has a tough week, doesn't mean he is "figured out". Can't stay hot for 162 games, baseball is a grind, buckle in.
  15. He strikes a ton of guys out and he is a closer for the rangers now, that's all you need to know.