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  1. Yea you're not looking hard enough if you aren't seeing Jordy go ahead of him pretty much always.
  2. 2900/37 cant be stopped
  3. Aaron Judge at #1? Weird and wacky sport
  4. I would kill for Matt Moore 2.0, sadly he's still Blake Snell will give him one more start then off to the next lotto ticket...Luis Castillo maybe?
  5. He will be fine, couple days max
  6. Where is he going to play after the 3 games in Tampa? Schebler, Hamilton, Duvall won't be benched, otherwise I definitely would have taken a shot on the guy.
  7. Huh? Andrew Benintendi will never play AAA ball again unless he is rehabbing. Come on man.
  8. Like I said, just stick to your 10 team small roster leagues, everyone has a loaded squad. But when the likes of Eric Sogard and TJ Rivera are the best two baggers available, you tend to think Cesar Hernandez is mighty valuable. Step up your game, and try a real league next year haha Sogard is batting .500 this year, MVP?
  9. Lol, you base your fantasy season off the last few weeks? Let me play in your leagues. Guess 10 team leagues with small rosters everyone will have an all star team, stick to those I guess
  10. He's the 6th ranked second baseman in my league, must be nice to have a WW filled with top talent, makes life a lot easier for you.
  11. Who's to say he hasn't done that already? A little soreness your first workout back after a long layoff is to be expected, injury or not. Bottomline is, nobody knows if he waited a sufficient amount of time or not, just get back on the field and we will find out.
  12. Good god not this again, take a lap man.
  13. Dropped him the other day when Rich Hill got activated. Had a lot of faith coming into the year but he was just crushing my whip every week.
  14. I will be very surprised if Haniger does not get his 2 spot back. Gamel has been good, but has certainly come back down to earth some lately.
  15. He still gets the hold, even if they lose...just an FYI for the future.