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  1. Kupp was 3rd fiddle and Rams still had enough to go around. I keep going back and forth between him and DJ Moore and im thinking I'd rather have a piece of that Rams offense.
  2. Have rb and flex spot open, torn between Ingram, Sutton, and Jones. Any opinions on what to do?
  3. PPR. My Ertz for his Connor and I am a lev bell owner. Tight end options on the wire are kittle, cook, seals-Jones. Whir
  4. Thinking about trading zeke for green. I feel like it's 50/50 on what will happen with the zeke suspension and I have Melvin gordon and Alvin Kamara at rb while my wrs are a mess. But also the Bengals line and qb have been mostly garbage. So is it worth getting out of the zeke mess to get into the Bengals mess?
  5. I would think Bryant will still be part of the game plan but Juju just stole his #2 spot.
  6. Im not sure what side your getting but id take Julio/ingran
  7. I was gonna say trade kamara but with those other rbs id definatly keep.
  8. Just wait.
  9. I would hold.
  10. I just lost dalvin cook and chris carson. In a PPR league I would offer thomas/T. Williams for gordon/Pryor. Other owner is very weak at wr. I also have Doug Martin returning and my other rb is zeke, so do you think I need to make a deal to shore up rb or should I hold on to Thomas? My other wrs are obj and baldwin. WHIR
  11. Depending on who your other tight end looks like as well as how bad you need a receiver I'd take hill.
  12. I would try to package a wr and one of your rbs (not McCaffery)and get a rb1.
  13. PPR. I would give away obj for shady. My after trade roster would look like this Rb-zeke, shady Wr-mike Thomas, baldwin, garcon Flex-dalvin cook Other rbs are gore, carson, Doug Martin. I know obj just had a big game but I'm wondering if I should get out while I can with the way that offense looks.. Am I putting too much stock into having the nice rb duo or should I just stick with the team I have? WHIR
  14. I would do it. Much rather have a young elite guy like zeke in dynasty.
  15. PPR. I would give away obj and cook for McCoy and Hopkins. My other wrs are Mike Thomas, Doug baldwin, Pierre Garon. My rbs are zeke, Doug Martin, Chris Carson, Kamara. Thoughts? WHIR
  16. So in my league i was offered zeke for my kareem hunt with the thought that zeke would miss 6 weeks. That trade was still open after the news broke about zeke playing all year. I didnt see the news until over 2 hours after it dropped then went to see if the trade was still there and accepted it. The other owner thinks it should be vetoed since he didnt have a chance to see the news and cancel. Should this trade be fair and valid?
  17. Was offered my jd martinez for anthony rizzo. Already have Votto but can play Rizzo in UTIL spot. Seems like a no brainer to me especially if rizzo could get 2b eligibility but wanted to hear some thoughts. WHIR