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  1. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    They could afford to do that and more, the question I think is whether or not they're bowing out of one and plan to get Trout in two years. Me personally? I'd sign them both now. No one knows what that Trout situation is going to look like, and at that point you're looking at age 29 Trout. Getting to be much closer to the danger zone with potential mega deals. If teams are really this worried about spending money this year, pounce and nab two premiere young talents right in the middle of their prime while you have the resources to do it.
  2. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    The funny part about this is most people agree/complain that baseball players get paid peanuts early. So now a player sees that and tries to do what's best for them, and there's complaints anyway.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 Outlook Love this hire for Jacksonville. They desperately needed a strong offensive mind, and especially someone good with working with a young QB. Felt to me like DeFilippo took the fall for management making a bad decisions in Cousins. Obviously we don't know which QB that's going to be yet (would be a shock to me if it isn't one of Haskins or Murray), but this IMO is the perfect hire for the team going forward.
  4. Two $50 ESPN Dynasty Start Ups

    You have both been contacted!
  5. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    Sure, the draft advisory board, but they're not working for a team. There's no way a QB needy team is going to sit around on his talent and wait until the third round because of a size concern that are usually overblown anyway.
  6. 2019 Sleepers

    Factor in the potential of having Harper or Machado (or even both) hit behind him, and he could be in for a very solid season in hitter friendly CBP.
  7. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    Wilson dropped to the 3rd because of his height, and I have a feeling there's 31 other teams in the NFL that wish they didn't let him fall. In the case of talent vs. intangibles, talent usually wins out. Watching Kyler, you can tell he's special. The arm talent is no doubt there. He's obviously freakishly athletic. He played in (and dominated in) the same system that produced a ROY candidate in Baker Mayfield. He's a smarter runner than a lot of young QBs who rely too much on their athleticism are, so the injury risk is a bit less. It's also the safest time to be a QB in the NFL with all of the protection rules. As far as the silly "seeing over the offensive line" concern goes, it clearly didn't hamper him in college. The QB draft class is weak. Haskins and Kyler are special, and there's no way they don't go in the first round, because after them there's no one left who could (or should- theoretically, any QB can go in the first if a team gets desperate enough). Haskins will likely (and probably should) go first, but I don't view Kyler as far behind. If Haskins and Murray are on the board for the Giants and Jaguars, I'd be shocked if either of them pass.
  8. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    Considering it's been widely reported that the only teams REALLY left in the hunt for Manny are the White Sox and Phillies, if I'm the Phillies, I take one look at those numbers and immediately offer 8 years 250. It's less money and shorter term than was expected, and it's not like the Phillies can't afford it. Then you can go right back to Harper, show him how serious you are about him and about putting a winning squad together, and point him right to the dotted line. I get the arguments about the mega deals and overpaying free agents, I do. However, an opportunity like this NEVER comes around. For all of the comparisons, we've never seen UFA players this good and this young, and a situation where a team has so little money committed in the future. You've got a nice core, you add these guys and you're in business. Not to mention the insane amount of revenue those two would generate coming together to Philly. The city would go bananas. Segura Cutch Manny Bryce Hoskins Herrera Alfaro Hernandez/Kingery Boy, that's one fun lineup. SP would be a little weak (maybe this is the VV year?! lol), but that can still be addressed, and you've put together that lineup without spending much (if any) prospect capital, leaving guys like Medina and Sixto in the wings still.
  9. Two $50 ESPN Dynasty Start Ups

    Daily bump, about 5 spots left in both.
  10. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Stay away, Oakland. My Jaguars need him.
  11. Extreme hitter / pitcher split strategy

    This is a tough thing to answer, and any time discussing strategy I think it's important to remember that any strategy can work if you pick the right players. As for extreme splits, I mostly feel you put yourself at a disadvantage from the outset. Simply put, with pitching that is most likely going to drag you down all season, it makes it so that you can't afford to miss on any of your bats. If you do, or if injury strikes, you go from winning a majority of categories to slipping drastically, and not having any support to help bring you back. I've definitely built teams with a heavy preference towards hitting with success, but I've never had any sort of success when I didn't have an ace or two to help anchor my staff.
  12. Two $50 ESPN Dynasty Start Ups

    Bump- both leagues about half full