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  1. Honestly, I can take the WHIP hit for K's like that. Sure, he's going to have clunkers, but almost all SPs do. Ray maybe more than others, but when he's on he can give you outings that most other starters can't. He basically carried my staff two seasons ago.
  2. I don't understand the Arenado thing that early. He's a phenomenal source of power, but I generally want someone to chip in with steals in the top 5. My ranks would be: Trout, Betts, JoRam, Harper, Acuna, Yelich, Turner, Arenado
  3. Man, Jurickson Profar with two warning track teases today. Great swings on both
  4. So Cutch, Segura, Harper, Hoskins, Realmuto? Doesn't get much more friendly than that.
  5. It's the 12th inning and he is STILL repeating this at the end of every commercial break.
  6. Yep, they were absolutely terrible. The bat story was incredible, but they botched the rest. Coming back from EVERY commercial they told the same information of Ichiro retiring. Painful to listen to. And yeah, that was Griffey Jr. hugging him in the dugout and Kikuchi with tears. Was definitely awesome to watch. Not as great to listen to lol.
  7. Man, whoever is calling this game (forget his name) REALLY wants to drive home the point that Ichiro is retiring.
  8. I was going to respond to the question about average projections, but this sums it all up perfectly. Great post.
  9. There's a chance I need to reevaluate my Matt Chapman stance
  10. I noticed the same when playing around with draft rankings for my redraft points league. The rankings that you see there are Yahoo's pre-generated rankings based on your league settings and how they feel player's values will play out over the course of the season. So while you have Scherzer, Trout, Betts, etc, mine are listed as Trout, Betts, Arenado, JoRam, Freeman due to us having different league settings Unfortunately, I can only answer half of your question as my league hasn't drafted, so I'm not sure if Yahoo is going to carry these rankings into the online draft room or if they'll bring the regular rankings in. I tend to think they'll bring the regular rankings (maybe with an option to sort by projected end of season rank for your league?), but again, I can't confirm that. Maybe someone who has already drafted on Yahoo can?
  11. I'm a huge Realmuto guy- I've owned him for years in dynasty, so naturally this season I'm ecstatic about his outlook in Philadelphia. I think he has the potential for a very good season and should coast into the number 1 catcher spot; however, I'm avoiding him in redrafts (and only in redrafts). Why? Well, to me, injury risk. Now, I realize this seems odd considering he's gone four straight years eclipsing 440 ABs and is only 27 years old. I don't say injury risk because of prior injuries and I think he's going to get hurt, but simply because of replacement costs and values. When your catcher goes down, you are quite literally scraping the bottom of the barrel for a replacement, and you go from getting the best production in the league at the position to the worst. If that injury lingers or is an extended absence, you're really hurting. Per NFBC ADP, Realmuto is going off the board at pick 51. In that same range you have guys like Eugenio Suarez, Ozzie Albies, Gleyber Torres, and Jean Segura. Just above Realmuto you have Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa, Cody Bellinger, and Khris Davis. Each of those players will likely give you the same or better production that Realmuto does, but if one of those guys gets hurt, it hurts you much less than if your catcher does. Replacing a SS or 1B or OF is much easier than replacing a C. I realize that I'm basing my avoidance of most likely the #1 catcher on a hypothetical situation, but for me personally I want to exit my draft/auction with what I feel puts me in the best position to win. If I take Eugenio Suarez instead of JT Realmuto, I know I'm getting similar production throughout the season, and if he goes down it doesn't cripple me like losing Realmuto would. I'll let another team in the draft take that chance.
  12. I think it sounds worse than what it will be in reality. Taylor has never handled a full time workload. Eaton isn't exactly a pillar of health. Yes, it might be frustrating early on, but in this instance I think talent will end up winning out. If anything, this might create a good buying opportunity in redraft leagues.
  13. This swing looked much more natural than the first one as well. Good sign.
  14. I paid for each year before TMobile started giving it out for free. I'm very glad that they do give it out, because I'm not sure it's worth paying for any longer. I've had some serious issues with quality over the past two years that have made it borderline unwatchable at times.
  15. Here's another thing that I think could potentially boost Harper's value at drafts: he MASHES every year in March and April. Seriously. His career totals in March/April over 647 plate appearances is a 115/41/112/10/.309/.436/.619 line. Assuming he gets off to another monster start this season in March and April, he's going to be coming off all of the hype of his free agency (I've always found big free agent signings end up drawing some kind of boost in trade/draft value), plus a monster first month in his new park, there's a very real chance that you'll have an opportunity to sell for massive value. I know drafting to trade is a risky bet, but this one might be worth it. You could potentially set yourself up with a huge return off of a big month. If no one bites, you'll still have Harper the rest of the season, and that is still very likely a top 15 player at worst.