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  1. The Marlins and Pirates have a makeup game scheduled for Monday October 1rst. does anyone know if the stats for this game will count towards the standings in a Yahoo roto league? or will the Yahoo fantasy season end on Sunday 9/30/18?
  2. its not ideal but I'm short pitching and have to start guys in less than ideal matchups. its at home. if it was on the road I'd pass.
  3. Dennis Santana pitcher Dodgers. Dominating AA so far … 34 IP 22 hits 48 K 10 BB 2.12 ERA 0.94 whip Fangraphs just did their Dodger prospect list & gave him a FV 45which seems low to me. He seems like a guy to make room for in deep dynasty leagues.
  4. I'm wondering if Ianetta belongs in tier 5, especially in OBP leagues. he has always hit lefties very well and now he gets half his games at Coors. I think I like him more than W Castillo, Martin and McCann.
  5. so early in his career? I wouldn't do that if I were the Rangers. give him a whole lot of ABs against lefties before deciding he (or any good young player) can't hit them.
  6. I know he is in the free agent pool in my 12 team one catcher league. and he was in the free agent pool in my 20 team one catcher league until I grabbed him the last week of the year. ( in that league I know that Gattis is in the free agent pool, he was dropped late in the year when he never seemed to play). in both of those leagues Barnes was owned but dropped at some point in September because owners who were still in the race needed the roster spot. He was a backup in the regular season last year. people don't like to use roster spots for backup catchers.
  7. Austin Barnes was really below the radar last year & looks like he'll have a full time gig in 2018. I suspect he is in the free agent pool in a lot of leagues. if you need a catcher in your dynasty league take a good look at him.
  8. if he plays well then I'd expect him to start 2018 in the show. that wasn't the case yesterday. also, from what I can tell he hasn't played in a week (I'm assuming because the Texas AAA team's season was over). This might affect him.
  9. for those in Yahoo leagues tonight will be his 5th start at SS
  10. recently back from the DL. starting tonight ... at shortstop.
  11. how many people have held onto Bautista while letting guys like Hicks or Alonso get picked up by their rivals?
  12. my 2 cents...He is not a 6'3" 220 lb or 6'4" 240 lb tank. He is a smaller guy who relies a lot on his legs. if he sits one day a week IMO that's OK, probably even good for him to prevent him from wearing down over the long haul. especially since he plays half his games in Arizona.
  13. 1) he is 36 years old 2) he looks awful 3) maybe a team has a better use for that bench spot 4) depends on the depth of your league's waiver wire I can see why some people would bench him and some cut him. this is the time of the year where tough decisions are made. will he rebound? if not did you miss out on rostering a guy who was breaking out?
  14. as others have pointed out adding Morton isn't for your standard 12 team league, its for deep leagues. in the past Morton has been a #5 starter type. a BOR guy on a poor team. career ERA 4.54 (although his FIP is a bit kinder at 4.10) low K guy. He is the king of guy you stream in a deep H2H league when he has the occasional good matchup or your ratios are blown and you are just trying to get wins & Ks. or he is the kind of guy who was sitting on the wire all season that your opponent streams against you in the H2H playoffs (he of course pitches seven shut out innings and sends your team packing). now, if his higher velocity turns him from a #5 starter type to a #4 starter type then he is worthy of a roster spot in deep leagues. the kind of league where the waiver wire is #5 starters, 6th/7th inning relievers, right handed hitting platoon players & garbage. if by some miracle he turns into a #3 starter then thats just icing on the free cake. and if its a spring story you got sucked into then its easy to cut bait, because its Charlie Morton. if someone is so high on Morton that they traded for him I'd be interested in hearing from them. I suspect the cost for most people who added Morton was just a roster spot.