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  1. I wouldn't do that deal. If you aren't in contention with Julio, Gurley, Kamara and Barkley on the same roster, lady luck isn't going to be in your corner at all this year. Kamara with a 12 round price tag has to be one of the most valuable assets in the league. I'd need more than a TE and a slight one at QB2.
  2. Long standing 3 player keeper league. No penalties for keeping a player and you can keep them for 3 years. Traded Leveon Bell, Sony Michel and my first round pick for CMC. Was probably a little drastic but I probably wasn't keeping Bell next year (though still eligible to keep) with Kamara, AB and Nuke already on the roster. Played his games this year, wasn't playing them next. Gave me a large upgrade at RB2 and production this year (that I needed, I'm 5-5) and a guy whom is going to be deep in the discussion to keep next year.
  3. That's Collusion then. That's what fantasy football commissioners are for.
  4. The Rams are still in the hunt for that #1 seed so I don't think Gurley is getting benched (and I don't have any stock in Gurley this year). Far more likely that Eli gets benched this year which could have a negative effect on OBJ. Tough trade. If you are in the playoffs already I'd accept it. I like Gurley/ DJ/ Alshon/ Gordon or KG a lot more than I like DJ/ KJ/ AB/ OBJ.
  5. Don't see what is wrong with that trade. If I was either one of those owners I'd leave the league immediately if that deal was vetoed. Vetoing a deal because you don't think your opponent should improve is a cowardly way to play FF. I'll never play in a league where owners have the power to veto trades. Far too often owners use vetos for their own selfish reasons and not for their purpose, to stop collusion.
  6. I'm a Packer fan but I much prefer Mixon in this deal. Mike McCarthy can't be trusted to give Jones the touches that he deserves.
  7. Kind of depends on your record for me. I wouldn't be opposed to the trade though that is a haul. Gurley will immediately put you into the championship conversation. Saying that though, you are losing a week in this deal. Both OBJ and AB have had their byes already. Gurley's is week 12. If you can afford a L next week I'm not opposed to it because you are deep enough at WR to withstand the trade. If a loss next week is a big blow I'd probably stay put and hope that Johnson and Johnson is enough.
  8. Think you are short selling Ingram. While he's surely not the receiver that Bell is he does run routes from the slot. Don't think the gap between skill sets is all that large. I think if you put Ingram into that Pitt system there isn't all that much (if any) of a production drop off. Neither Bell or Conner were all that great of receiving threats coming out of college. DeAngelo Williams had the best season of career in regards to receiving his first year in Pitt and he was only the starter for a portion of the season. For the last 6 years Pitt has been able to get elite all purpose production from the RB position. Don't know enough about Pitt to know if there was a change if offense philosophy or if that success was the result of adding Bell. Right now James Conner has well over 100 yards more receiving than Leveon Bell had last year at the same point in the season.
  9. Mark Ingram is going to be an UFA this coming off-season. While he's 2 year's older, he's got fewer career touches than Bell. While probably not the receiver that Bell is, he's still a tremendous every down back. He's averaged almost a half yard per carry more over his career than Bell. Think I'd rather have Ingram for fewer years and a lot less money.
  10. Officially out of the LeVeon Bell business in my long standing Keeper league. Had to give up a lot but I was able to acquire CMac. Ended up costing me Bell, Sony Michel and a pick. Not sure I was going to be able to find a spot for Bell anyway with AK41, AB and Nuke already on the roster.
  11. is Bell's ego big enough to fit in the same room with Gruden? If Gruden wasn't willing to pay Mack I've got my doubts that he'll pay Bell the franchise QB money he's demanding.
  12. If all that changed in March then why was that comment made in middle of July? We'll have to agree to disagree. Bell has been talking out both sides of his mouth through this last year. Whether he was promising his best season to date in mid July or telling Steeler fans that he was going to return in week 7 or 8. Don't care much about the Bell quotes as he's already shown that comes from his mouth is little more than lip service.
  13. To be fair, LeVeon Bell has been talking out of both sides of his mouth since that retirement comment in Jan.
  14. There are plenty of teams need him and can pay him. I think his biggest issue is he's going to have to convince coaches and GMs that he wants to play football. I think this year is going to turn off a substantial amount of GMs in the league as it raises some pretty big flags for a guy who's already got significant red flags in his past. I personally don't want my team anywhere near Bell (Green Bay). I think his days of being a bell cow are long gone. Some dumb GM is going to try to make a splash by signing him to a big deal and it's going to be an Albert Haynsworth type of mistake IMO. I think the rap game life is far more important to him than the NFL. He's a dangerous player to risk a lot of guaranteed money for IMO. Being a Keeper/ Dynasty owner of him, I hope I'm wrong. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him as he's got little to no value in my league. I floated him out in some offers and wasn't able to get even a starting caliber player in return.
  15. Even if he does show up he;'s not going to be startable. He's looked like a fat slob all season and you can damn well guarantee that you aren't getting any sort of effort out of him. He's spent his summer and fall down in Miami living the rap game life. He's already shown that things like winning and teammates aren't a concern of his.