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  1. I'm picking Darwin up where I can. Seems as though he's going to be the #2 behind DW. Will probably get some touches weekly with potential for big plays but if Williams goes down he could have league winning upside.
  2. I like being in the top 3 this year. Just drafted a big money league from the 2 spot and ended up with C-Mac, ODB, and JuJu. Grabbed McCaffrey and then everybody went running back heavy in the second round. Was shocked to see Odell at 19 and then Juju at 21.Then I grabbed Diggs and Josh Jacobs in rounds 3 and 4. The league I drafted from the 10 spot I felt like I was forced to make a lot of tough choices with players I didn't necessarily love. That's only my experience with two real higher dollar leagues.
  3. I could see AB being a diva trainwreck all preseason, falling in drafts, and then coming out and producing big numbers. I could also see the drama multiplying and him not playing much or struggling. A lot of tough decisions this year with guys like Brown, Gurley, Zeke, and Melvin all being so high risk/high reward.
  4. My thoughts exactly. With that OL I don't think DJ is going to have a great year rushing the ball. And I think while his passing game usage will go up from last year, I don't think it's going to be at a monstrous, McCaffrey or Barkley level like some think. With that OL there's also always the chance Kyler gets hurt and the whole team sort of goes wasteland. I think he'll probably end up a lower end top 10 RB but not a first round pick. I'd much rather take a Hopkins/Adams in the middle of round 1 and let Conner, Chubb, Bell, Mixon, or Cook fall to me in round 2. I think all 5 should be just as good or better than Johnson. One of them will probably fall to round 2 and if not you can take a OBJ if he falls, JuJu, Thomas, or Tyreek and then hit RB hard in rounds 3-5.
  5. This year I'd rather be in the top 4 or in the middle. I'd say top 7 is ideal with 3 or 4 being the best. In other years I have thought that being at the end is desirable but this year I think it hampers you. I think there is a significant drop off after the top 25 or so players and I'd rather have 3 top 25 players than 2 of the top 15 and not pick again until the early-mid 30's. I also don't like being at the turn (on either end) this year so picks 3-7 is what I hope for.
  6. I tend to prefer before but I usually do two in early-mid Aug and two in late Aug/early Sept. Sometimes I have a feeling about a few players and drafting early can get them at a great value. Once everybody sees them play every advantage I had from being ahead of the curve is gone. However, the last few years I have moved into higher stakes leagues and I've found less advantage to drafting early. Most people that are putting down decent money to draft early have some good values in mind and a lot of time they are the same ones as their opponents. If you draft early you could lose players to injury but so can everybody else. You could be behind the eightball to start but it's still an even playing field. You yourself are at no disadvantage in the league that drafts early. Everybody has the same knowledge of news, injuries, etc on draft night. It's just that there is more time for good or bad luck to play out before the season starts.
  7. Bell and Conner. I have them clearly above the next RB tier IMO (Mixon, Chubb, Cook, Williams, Gurley) but can't decide if they should go before or after the WR group of Julio, ODB, Thomas, Tyreek, JuJu and Travis Kelce.
  8. Probably just being super cautious with a guy they plan to give a heavy workload to this year. By season start he should be 100% ready to go.
  9. I think a huge factor in Brown's success will be how well the Raiders' O-Line performs. Carr is one of the worst QB's in the league under pressure and if the line stinks I foresee a lot of sacks and Carr throwaways while Brown is whining about how he was open. If the line is significantly improved Brown could be a top 5 WR.
  10. Only two fears I have with Williams are a) injury, and b) Hyde, because of his stockier build, is used as the goal line back,which would drastically cut into Damien's ceiling. Other than that it's wheels up IMO.
  11. This is a tough one for me. I survived his goose egg to advance to my final but now I have to decide whether to plug him in or stick in Alshon or Baldwin. I would normally never sit Keenan if active but a) he could be a decoy, b) he could take one hit on the hip and be out, and c) he is playing the best pass defense in the league. I just don't foresee a huge game even if he avoids aggravation.
  12. My team limped into the title game with him as QB. I just can't start him this week the way he looked. Too much money on the line. He is struggling to complete 10 yard passes. I'm gonna pick up Winston or Darnold and have a higher floor. Even in a great matchup Cam could dink and dunk his way to 150 yards or he could get pulled in the first half and shut down due to the shoulder. It's a shame because healthy I'd be licking my chops at the ATL matchup in the final.
  13. I was like 7th on the waiver priority list last week after his 240 something yards and 4 TD game. I had a roster spot to burn in a huge money league and picked him up. I was shocked that I got him in what is a very sharp league. I lost Keenan Allen and played against D-Hop but still won because of Henry and now playing for first next week. I never cared much for him as a player but coming off such a featured role in week 14 and how he came on strong at the end last year I thought the possible reward was well worth it. Didn't know how right I would be.
  14. Sucks to lose Sanders right before the playoffs start but at least I have DJ Moore to plug in and hopefully he keeps ascending.