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  1. Myles Turner 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    The real burning question is....can he top the 65 pages he had on his 2017-18 outlook thread?!
  2. Collin Sexton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Great line, keep them coming, haha.
  3. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Is this a secret rotoworld account owned by Lebron?
  4. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Going toe-to-toe with the Greek Freak. That's new, haha.
  5. Trevor Ariza 2017-2018 season outlook

    Why so mad?
  6. Jimmy Butler 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I'm assuming people are holding in roto leagues?
  7. Who should I pick up? WHIR

    Definitely grab Allen, and maybe Bradley as well. I would consider dropping Fox and Gortat, but Young and Carroll could be droppable depending on who you prefer and what your team build is. Here's mine:
  8. Kuzma or Portis ROS? WHIR 100%

    Portis' value probably increases with DD as a category. It's close between the two, but depends on your team needs. Kuzma will be better for pts and 3's, Portis better for rebs and stocks. I would probably take Kuzma. Thanks for answering mine.
  9. J. Allen for Gallo... need help

    Definitely take Allen! He will be great for a keeper league, plus I think Allen will have better value even just for this season.
  10. Should I use #1 waiver..... WHIR

    Definitely grab Payton. I would probably drop Rondo, but if you are really hurting for assists than may make sense to drop Ingles instead. He also seems to be regressing quite a bit with Rubio getting it together recently and Donovan's continued breakout. Here's mine:
  11. Kuzma>Hill>Bullock for me. Here's mine:
  12. My Klay for Capela/Tatum WHIR

    Definitely take it. Here's mine:
  13. My league is a 12 team, standard 9 cat Roto where we start 12 players and have 3 bench, so relatively deep. Somebody just dropped Covington, so he's basically a no-brainer pickup right? My team is in my signature, most recent adds after the trade deadline action are Augustin, Nance and George Hill so would likely drop one of them. I have a waiver claim in right now to drop Nance, but any suggestions if this is the right choice or I should drop someone else? I'm pretty limited on PG/SG so leaning more towards keeping Augustin and Hill. Post a link to your question and I will try to answer. Thanks.
  14. pick up de'aaron fox? WHIR

    Yeah, I would drop Hart, as his situation is only going to get worse. Thanks for answering mine.
  15. Trading for Lillard WHIR

    I would accept the trade too. Always valuable to be able to make whatever pickups you want, and obviously Lillard is by far best player in the deal. Highly doubt Rubio can keep it up at the current level. Thanks for answering mine.