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  1. Zeke For James White WHIR!

    I'd stick with Zeke.
  2. It's a keeper, and noone is too eager to trade. Feel like I need to make some kind of move before the trade deadline. Wish I knew how the Conner and Bell situation is going to shake out.
  3. Or should I be looking to flip one of my WRs for a RB? I'd prefer to keep the WR core in place but I feel like I definitely need to make a move, given my RBs and the uncertainty surrounding the Bell/ Conner situation.
  4. Keeper league. Really need some help at RB. Conner has been a beast but that situation still scares me. QB Wilson WR OBJ WR M. Thomas RB Conner RB Ingram TE Ertz FLEX A. Brown K Zuerlien DsT Bears BENCH Chris Thompson, Drake, Ekeler, Boyd, Kittle Obviously been able to put together a solid team in this keeper, built around my WRs. I'd like to keep them together but I feel with the Bell situation in PIT I need some RB help. Was thinking of trying to move Ertz for a RB, who should I target? .5 PPR
  5. Start the Drake or C. Thompson?

    I'm in the same situation. Keep going back and forth between the two. Been leaning Thompson-- Jets run D scares me a bit and i'm still a little uncertain about the split with Gore. Thompson is electric and Skins seem to know how to use him.
  6. Ww help?

    Enunwa for me
  7. Kittle would replace Ertz. My other RBs are Conner, Drake, Barber, Ingram, Jwilliams and Alf. Other owner is deeper at RB and just lost his TE.
  8. Trade A.Brown for Barkley?

    The offer was made to me. Haven't countered with anything. The age of the WRs I'd coming in to play but Brown certainly isn't slowing down yet. And Barkley had yet to play a down of regular season football. I worry right now that I'm buying too much into the Saquon hper and taking too big of a risk.
  9. Trade A.Brown for Barkley?

    The age of the players is certainly a huge factor. I know WRs are generally more valuable as long term keepers and brown is a beast. But I know pickings are going to be slim for RB and I do covet the balance you referred to...I'd feel much more comfortable if my first pick would actually be my RB2 and not RB1
  10. 10 team, .5 ppr keeper league. 3 keepers, no penalties for keepers- each team keeps 3 players then we snake draft from the remaining pool of players. Start QB-WR-WR-RB-RB-TE-FLEX-K-DEF My keepers are AB, OBJ, M. Thomas Would it be ludicrous to trade AB for Barkley? I'm heavy with WR and RB is thin already due to keepers. I pick 7th. I'll probably wait to see how to draft shakes out (we draft in a couple of hours) but the offer is on the table.
  11. Keeper league help--I'm WR heavy.

    Thanks for the help! Ertz and or Kelce may be available there as well-if I'm gauging the draft correctly-- so perhaps one of those guys should be in the mix. And if they're both gone then a better RB may slip to me.
  12. 10 team, .5 ppr keeper league. 3 keepers, no penalties for keepers- each team keeps 3 players then we snake draft from the remaining pool of players. Start QB-WR-WR-RB-RB-TE-FLEX-K-DEF My keepers are AB, OBJ, M. Thomas I'm picking 9th and realistically I'm looking at Mixon, McCoy, Henry, Guice--in no particular order as best available RBs. Always possible someone slips but I'm not counting on it. My Question is which of my WR core should I look to be trading for a RB and what return could I realistically expect? Sorry for the long winded post. I'm just hoping to gauge value in a vacuum. Will probably wait to see how the draft plays out before I make a move, as I can get a better feel for my team and can look into package deals.
  13. Mike Evans 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm not going to go in depth here about my qualms with PFF. But since this is a fantasy football forum, and because I know you like lists: Sort by WR, and by last weeks point total, and let me know what you find. Desean Jackson was WR20 ( I know you'll get a kick out of that) scored 13.1 in .5ppr. Green was WR1 and put up 26.4. Is Desean more valuable to my fantasy team than AJ? Or are you cherry picking random things you find on the interwebs because they fit whatever weird narrative it is you're trying to push?
  14. Mike Evans 2017 Season Outlook

    That you keep saying average but then refer to a list that is total points to date? Conveniently ignoring the fact that Evans has played one game less than most on that list. He's at WR12 on a per game average. Is he hitting the expectations of those that drafted him? Probably not, but he's faced some tough CB's and he's 7th in targets per game (he is lower on the list of total targets, feel free to run with that too). Again, I'm not sure what your angle is here.