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  1. Looking for 100 $ range. Drafting asap. No fantrax not big on ESPN but will consider
  2. jan·ky /ˈjaNGkē/ Learn to pronounce adjective INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN of extremely poor or unreliable quality. "the leagues you run are janky " "you are a janky a** commissioner "
  3. This guy seems janky I wouldn't and didnt join his league.
  4. Im a time waster ? Because I wouldn't join your league that doesnt use leaguesafe let's all just hope you pay out like your supposed to. You seem to have hard time filling your league with lots of openings I wonder why. 🤔🤔
  5. Commish doesnt pay a buy in. Just so you know. Feel free to join if u dont mind the pot being short.
  6. I'm in. Let's go peeps somebody pick up team 2 before it's too late.
  7. I'll take team 1 if you do leaguesafe. No offense but been burned before.