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  1. Id make that trade. Bell wont be back till week 10 and thats if he isnt traded. You're getting a number 1 rb in a high powered offense and a wr1....for a wr1 and backup rb
  2. I would not do that trade at all ....olsen will be back soon and hurt mccaffery. Evan hurt and larry nothing.
  3. Yeah thats who i would drop just seeing if its worth my number 2 waiver pick
  4. I have the 2nd pick and Brown is available. Should I use it on him? My wrs: (PPR) Aj Green (who Im worried about) E. Sanders G. Allison C. Godwin J. Crowder Just for context my rbs: K. Hunt S. Barkley J. Conner M. Lynch M. Breida D. Lewis
  5. bell and howard! Too much value there
  6. Great team! I really like how you were able to go WR WR and your rbs are still good! Id say 7.8/10
  7. Thanks for answering mine! I would say bell but that hold out scares me. Id go ZEKE
  8. Our league is a Keeper league and I drafted Collins in the 3rd round. Next year if i decide to keep him i get him for a 3rd. I was offered Diggs SU for Collins. I would be able to keep diggs for a 6th round. Should I make this trade? My team PPR QB: Luck RBs: Hunt, Barkley, Collins, Lynch, Lewis , Conner, Ronald Jones, Breida WRS: AJ Green, Baldwin, E. Sanders, Crowder, Watkins TE: Kittle