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  1. Gotcha, I got him at pick 57 in a 12 teamer. At that cost I'm willing to roll the dice, if he can be even 70% of last year over a full season that's incredible value. If he busts it's not gonna sink me. Get on base and use those wheels mondesiiiiiii
  2. So was last year a complete fluke in your opinion?
  3. Yesssssssss he just kept falling in my draft. Let's go Eloy.
  4. Pau wasn't really playing much, is this as much as a bump as you guys are making it out to be?
  5. Thanks guys. Durant owner was admittedly giving up, said capela was his best offer. Team getting Durant does not plan on keeping him. It's a superstar rental for pennies on the dollar (he already has kyrie/lillard/mitchell/tatum/) doesnt lose any blocks by getting lopez with Durant in the package. I've never vetoed a trade in this league (I'm commish) but this screws other 5 teams bc a tanking team took a whatever offer. $200 cap.
  6. A team out of contention is sending his Kevin Durant $71 and Brook Lopez $1 for Clint Capela $12 and Miles Bridges $1 is this veto worthy? Just seems like Lopez for Capela is ALMOST fair and he's getting Durant for nothing. (Other guy isn't even planning on keeping Bridges and he's out of the playoffs) This really sways the balance of power and effs every other playoff team. I'd appreciate some non-biased insight. Thanks. Prices increase $5 annually.
  7. Helped me win last week, I can stream the spot. Enjoy your zero's
  8. I dropped last week it's liberating, join me fellas.
  9. I would say that's correct. Limited bench role, nice piece for them to have though.
  10. Brooks said both parker and Portis will play at least 20 mins (it's on Twitter)