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  1. Mondesi beasting for me in playoffs
  2. This confused me as well, so we don't really know for sure as of now?
  3. Yep, I did as well and it was very frustrating because some games he was off to blistering starts. I'm hoping he found a way to address that in his offseason training regimen. If he can harness what he tapped into last year, along with being slightly more durable/reliable we all have ourselves a great steal of a pick.
  4. I thought I had made a nice pickup for playoffs Sunday night, wtf is going on here geeeeez.
  5. Only scenario I'm not is if I have far superior options. Otherwise I'd feel fine w him as an rb2 or flex.
  6. This is the year fellas, finally about to be unleashed for a full season.
  7. Settle down I'm at work, don't get me all hot and bothered like that 😍
  8. Pretty sure 90% of the time goat is thrown around they don't actually believe he's literally the greatest of all time lol. Thanks for the research though!
  9. Ugh I'm in a tight playoff battle and the wire is dry and really can't afford to NOT play him. What is everyone else doing here ?
  10. Yahoo app not updating for anyone else??
  11. I made the add last night, none of us actually know what the playing time will be yet. I wasn't letting a 30/30 guy go on one of my opponent's rosters for the playoffs.
  12. Me likey the orioles matchup to start the week, along with a double header mixed in.
  13. Anybody got a little more insight on this guy?? Looking for an ohtani upgrade for playoffs, Santanders last 2 weeks numbers look great but 90% of that has come this past week. Worried he just had a few good games.