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  1. 10 team, 0.5 PPR league. I've got a high waiver I could burn this week. Marvin jones, sammy Watkins, sutton, peyton barber all available. Should I pick one (or more) up? I would have to drop probably ridley or Richards (or both, if I add two). Current RBs are Gordon, mixon, fournette, chubb, jones, ekeler, richards. WRs: Mike Evan's, Gordon, ridley I am thin at WR so leaning on adding jones. Let me know what you think! WHIR!
  2. It is a competitive pay league. Not a huge pot ($50/person), but we are trying to win.
  3. Need some opinion on a tactic I have regularly been using in my 10 team league. On many weeks, I drop my kicker if there are extra RB or WR options available on waivers that are of interest to me, if I do not have an obvious drop candidate. I may wait until after the 1:00 games to decide who to keep long-term based on their performance, and add a kicker from the afternoon or night games. This can also be useful on Thursday night games. For example, this week I added Cory Clement. I did not know right now which position guy I wanted to drop, so I cut my kicker. My plan is to see how Thursday night goes, and then decide if Clement is worth keeping. My commissioner has been complaining that this is unsportsmanlike, and wants to put a rule in to stop it. I think this is ridiculous. My argument has been, one, I do not have the automatic top waiver priority each week. It is a rolling list, and I go right to the bottom when I grab one guy. If another team wants a player, put in a waiver claim. Two, I am doing this for my own team and strategy, not to maliciously try to block other teams or load up the free agent pool with guys on waivers. Thoughts? Am I being a jerk? Or is it other people's issues if they do not make the right waiver claims?
  4. I would definitely do it. You have the wr depth to take the hit there
  5. I would grab gio. You are loaded at WR and I'm not sure how long fitz is going to last. Gio is short term as well,but at a bigger need .
  6. Someone dropped Jacksonville D and matt breida last week. I have the number 1 waiver. Do I use it on one of them? Which one? It's a 10 team, 0.5 PPR league. My other running backs are gordon, mixon, fournette, yeldon, ekeler, Lamar miller. Bernard is not available. Start two RBs plus a flex. My defense is Baltimore. WHIR!
  7. 10 team, 0.5 PPR. I was offered keenan allen for Joe mixon, or juju smith for Chris carson. Would you take either of those deals? Which one? QB-Stafford RB-fournette RB- Gordon WR-Fitzgerald WR-Hogan TE-Reed Flex-mixon Bench- Luck, Lamar miller, josh Gordon, peyton barber, alfred Morris, Chris carson, adrian Peterson
  8. I would grab Morris. He seems like the favorite to lead that backfield. I think you drop murray. Hes at best a nice handcuff. In morris you aren't waiting for an injury to get playing time.
  9. 10 team, 0.5 PPR league. I need to drop someone for a kicker. Who do I go with? QB-Stafford RB-fournette RB- Gordon WR-Fitzgerald WR-Hogan TE-Reed Bench- Luck, Lamar miller, josh Gordon, peyton barber, alfred Morris, Chris carson, adrian Peterson
  10. I would grab patriots defense and Mariota, dropping henry and davis
  11. Standard league. Passing TDs worth 6. Through last night's games, I am projected to win by a whopping 47. Do I start brees vs jets, or rodgers vs Panthers? I'm leaning brees since he seems safer to at least get a floor this week. Let me know your vote!
  12. Morris looking solid tonight... potentially usable in week 15 vs Oakland. Henry has SF and the rams in weeks 15 and 16, which is extremely appealing. Doug Martin has Atlanta and Carolina Tough call...
  13. 10 team non ppr standard league. I've already clinched top seed and bye, so I'm really planning for week 15 right now. Rod smith is available. I own morris and zeke. Worth adding in case he takes over alf tonight? Derrick henry was also dropped and on waiver. Worth making a claim for him? Problem is.... who do I drop? If I drop someone for smith tonight, i could redrop smith for henry if smith flops. Team is below. I hate have 3 qbs, but am mostly just hoarding from other teams. I could drop Doug Martin since he's out? Someone else? Qb-brees Rb-hunt Rb-latavious murray Wr-brown Wr-julio Jones Te-ertz Flex-aj green K-gostkowski Def-eagles Bench-matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Alfred morris, Doug martin, rex bulkhead, zeke