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  1. I'm quite happy with what Breida did today, personally - but I didn't expect a huge day. I quoted a tweet earlier in this thread that indicated that LAR have been better vs RBs at home and that proved itself today. Neither Breida or Coleman ran particularly well: Breida 13 carries for 36 yards (2.77ypc) + 4 rec 27 yards, Coleman 18 carries for 45 yards (2.5ypc) + 2 rec 16 yards. The difference is Coleman scored a TD. Usage was about what we have come to expect, so thats good, but there were other factors we all knew going into this game such as losing his FB and both tackles, and a supposedly banged up Kittle. Breida's been extremely solid all year imo. He struggled week 1 against Tampa which we now know is one of, if not the best run defense in the league. Aren't any games left on his schedule that worry me, outside of maybe week 14 @NO.
  2. I saw these numbers in the FantasyPros Primer article. I believe he mentions that the 2018 meeting was with the current Packers DC, for whatever thats worth. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable playing him, but will vary depending on options.
  3. I think streaming kickers would be too much work for very little payoff, would prefer to get attached to a kicker I like for the year. For the most part I use a lot of Footballoutsiders analytics to determine kickers I want to use. Their offensive drive/pace stats are wonderful identifiers imo. Check it out here: What I look for is primarily TD/drive + FG/drive; teams that are well ranked in both have produced the most reliable fantasy kickers in my experience (and that seems to be holding true so far this year). Also keeping in mind numbers from other tables on the page like yards per drive, turnovers per drive.
  4. If the Washington defense is brutal, I'm not sure a word exists to describe Miami's "defense". In a battle of suck fests, I gotta think Terry continues to shine through it as he has every game he's played in so far.
  5. Came across a tweet with a lot of info that I found helpful, hopefully it might help others too: If this type of info tickles your fancy, he's worth a follow - puts out some great stuff imo. To summarize: LAR have been significantly better at home vs Running backs than on the road, and LAR are at home in this game. This doesn't inherently doom the matchup for Breida or other SF RBs, because almost no one is running like SF is right now and the home/away sample sizes are still fairly small at this time of the season. Also worth noting that LAR have extra days to prepare while SF is coming off a short week. Whether or not you play him this week is not a sweeping "yes or no" answer as we all have different options to choose from, but this is just one more piece of information to hopefully help you reach the best decision for your roster :)
  6. If you noticed the tweet I quoted on the previous page, it was very close to this through 3 quarters. 1st half: Breida 7, Coleman 7, Mostert 2 3rd quarter: Breida 7, Coleman 7, Mostert 2 4th quarter: Breida 1, Coleman 2, Mostert 5 The utilization through 3 quarters is pretty much how Shanahan seems to want to operate with 3 backs (utilization looked identical to this without Coleman, too), barring blowouts of course. 40/40/20ish.
  7. Can't seem to get rid of the Godwin / Evans tweet connected, but it looks a lot like it did without Coleman with different names. 1a/1b getting the majority of touches evenly between them with a sprinkle of the 3rd guy (until it becomes a blowout)
  8. But a timeshare on a team that has at worst a top 3 running game. There's a pretty short list of RBs you'll allow on your roster if you avoid timeshares.
  9. I don't think its up for debate that Penny is the better big play threat. They could both carry the ball 20 times for 100 yards and get them very different ways. Penny is likely to have most of those carries go for 1-2 yards with long explosive runs getting the majority of the yardage, while Carson will consistently grind out those yards on every touch. Do you think Pete doesn't realize Penny has that big play ability? I'm quite certain they know. What should be more than obvious is that Pete clearly prefers keeping the offense on schedule and consistent yardage that Carson brings as opposed to having to overcome 2nd and 3rd and longs and hoping Penny breaks one. Why do we know this? Because if Pete liked what Penny does more, he'd be starting.
  10. If the only time you ever watched the Seahawks was on TNF then I can understand how this conclusion is easily come to, but as someone who watches him every Sunday, the reality is he hasn't scrambled like that for years. Look at Russ' rushing attempts and totals year by year: 2012: 94 attempts, 489 yards 2013: 96 attempts, 539 yards 2014: 118 attempts, 849 yards 2015: 103 attempts, 553 yards 2016: 72 attempts, 259 yards 2017: 95 attempts, 586 yards 2018: 67 attempts 376 yards You can see the downward trend in rushing, outside of 2017 where Seattle was devastated by RB injuries and Wilson had to completely carry the offense. Games like the Rams are not the norm to expect from Russ and how it affects Carson. We have already seen a more concerted effort this year to throw the ball to RBs more than they have been, but it's never going to be a giant staple within the offense - it's just not how Pete wants his offense to run, for better or worse. I think it is more accurate to say that when the play breaks down and Russ doesn't like what he sees from the designed play, he's largely looking down the field for the big play, and then for anyone open really, and as a last resort he will run and slide. He doesn't extend the play to run first though. I do completely agree with this assessment. It was something I really took notice of after owning Carson last year. Seattle loves the explosive plays in the passing game, and a fair share of those connect for TDs. Carson isn't really an explosive play home run hitter either, so its unlikely to get those from him. I wouldn't call him a "flashy" player on your roster but he should consistently produce points. If he ever has a big day it'll likely be due to scoring many TDs rather than a long TD. I'm a big fan of consistency so its awesome having him on my team, personally :) I have noticed this as well, but I don't think its inherently a bad thing. It does and can limit his scoring chances, yes - but I think somewhere along the road last year both he and the team found a balance in usage to keep him healthy and available, because the running offense in particular doesn't look or feel the same without him. So if he has to take himself out to keep himself healthy in the long run, I'm all for it. I'd personally rather be able to play him every week instead of grabbing a couple or few extra TDs for the year, and I'm pretty sure both he and the team feel the same way.
  11. I don't think there is much to do with changing "scheme" at all. Carson is the "tone setter" back that Pete covets much like Marshawn was. Penny isn't as much of a bruiser and seems to flourish more in space and tries to bounce things outside far too much, but is still a good back - could be great if he puts it all together. As it is, he's the type that gets 1-2 yards often mixed in with a long explosive run. Carson regularly grinds out 3-5 yards, even if you don't get those long "explosive" runs with him. Pete clearly prefers that consistent gain style as well as the "tone setting" that Carson brings with it - is also why Marshawn was such an anomaly to provide that grinding, bruising style but also possessed the ability to create long runs.
  12. Penny was drafted after a year that Seattle was completely plagued by RB injuries and wanted to bring in someone to stabilize the backfield to avoid going through that again. Penny was highly productive and didn't have injury troubles in college. They liked Carson but didnt know at the time if he'd be ready to go at the start of the year. Prosise pretty much has property on the injury report at this point.
  13. The most concerning thing to me is the lack of creativity in the run game or with the running backs in general behind that awful offensive line. I would hope for Zac to realize that and try to scheme him into space more as other posters have noted, or design plays to take advantage of a DLine's aggressiveness, but instead we see the same simple runs for next to no yards between the tackles. I am certainly no expert, but it sure doesn't feel like Zac is doing much to set up Mixon for success and instead trying to force the runs and things he wants to do - and then the entire offense suffers because you get 2nd and 3rd and longs all day where that same OL has to hold up in pass pro now. I'm hoping for better days, but its looking quite bleak right now.
  14. I like both Saints and Titans, as I think they're the best two real life defenses of the lot. If Josh Allen doesn't play then I'd lean more Titans, but if Allen plays I think I like the Saints more. Jameis still likes to turn the football over and the Saints D feels like it knows it has to do some heavy lifting with Brees out - they're playing very tough right now.