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  1. Will be very interesting to see where he gets ranked next year for sure. I think the injury concerns are very legitimate though, especially once his workload starts getting heavy in the 20+ carries area. In most those games I see him tweak something and have to miss snaps - I know that's not uncommon for players to get nicked up here and there, but I feel it happens to him a lot more than other RBs that are on the field even more than he is. Or the next game after a 20-25+ carry workload he'll injure something (like he did in week 3 after 32 carries and 72% snap share, and in week 9 after 25 carries and 67% snap share the week before). After that, Pete wisely kept him more fresh in the 15-20 carry area, hovering around 50% snaps, and I think that's probably the best role for him to thrive and most importantly stay available every week. No doubt Pete and the staff have recognized this and hopefully will aim to keep utilizing him as such next year too. I know most fantasy owners want their players to be on the field more, but for me, I'd rather have them available every week and productive. Being a 50% snap share back will knock him down a bit in the ranks. He's also not a sexy runner that can get you huge explosive plays, he just grinds out yardage and is a steady play, which will probably ding him a bit when it comes to pre-draft rankings too. I'd wager he ends up being priced at around $30. I only do auction leagues so I dont know what that would be translated into snake ADP, but it'd be approximately where Henry and Drake were going coming into this year. Which seems like a fair price to me.
  2. I agree with you completely on pretty much everything. I've dabbled in the Yahoo Cup thing and have come to notice the only aspect of PPR I do like is that it relieves the TD-heavy nature of standard scoring, minimizing volatility. However, I can't get behind negative plays being positive points. Which is why I'm going to try and incorporate Points Per 1st Down next year (probably .25 or .5). I think that's a much better middle ground that helps offset TD-heaviness as well as gives a better representation of a player's impact on the game and doesn't positively reward negative plays. Anyways, I don't want to derail this thread Appreciate the comments and perspective!
  3. That's a damn good problem to have. If its me, I'm playing Mixon - he's really all they have on offense and gamescript proof. I am not as concerned about Carson with gamescript, more so with the things I mentioned in my previous post that cap his upside.
  4. I sure hope you know that hamstrings are very different beasts. He had to learn the hard way after pushing back through an injury that is highly re-aggravatable until you are WELL past healed from it, which he ultimately did re-aggravate multiple times. Why was it that he re-aggravated it? Oh, I'm glad you asked - probably due to a lot of what you quoted from my post. If I have misinterpreted the implications of your post, I apologize.
  5. Much has been said about these on this page, but I would play Mack > Carson pretty easily. Cook is a lot tougher to decide between. Mack just got his starting center back last week and with him they've been flat out dominant, as we saw against a tough Dallas D. NYG traded the only person that made their run D formidable. I don't see a scenario where Indy doesn't completely run all over them. Meanwhile, Carson is dealing with some injuries along the OL (Fluker's been out, Ifedi now Questionable, Fluker's replacement [Simmons] went on IR after last week), and as a Seahawks fan and fellow Carson owner, there are a LOT of times that Russ throws TDs before Carson even gets a chance to punch it in, and he's not really a breakaway home run threat, so he relies on drives finishing inside the 10 and 5 yard line to get TDs. He's scored some in recent weeks, but its very hard to predict those things. As well as the other concerns that have been brought up. I don't think gamescript is going to matter too much, especially if Penny is inactive - Carson is a very capable receiver as we saw last week, just isn't utilized as such probably to help keep him fresher for longer (which is wise given his run style and how he gets nicked up quite a bit).
  6. Good for him in ppr leagues. I don't enjoy ppr. I don't like points for the sake of points. It's silly to me that a play that nets negative yardage can actually gain a player points. I like to view fantasy points as a way to help measure in-game contribution, but thats me. Different strokes for different folks. I look through his week to week scores in standard scoring and I see remarkable inconsistency. I'm not saying he isn't valuable or shouldn't be a consensus top 5 WR at worst next year - only that for me personally he's going to have to go closer to a WR8-ish price to end up on my team. I'm not saying I'm more right in my stance than you or anyone else, its just my preference. I can see the appeal of his big weeks, its just not a style I'm gonna pay the sticker price for. To each their own
  7. Players and coaches don't have this kind of mentality. Actually, they CANT if they expect to succeed at their job. They're all fiercely intense competitors, hate losing and don't want to let their brothers down. It's easy to sit behind a keyboard and judge from afar, coming to a whimsical conclusion that they have nothing to play for, but that is not the reality for these guys, or most human beings, really. There's many reasons why you'll see nearly all pro players in any sport try to play through injuries if its possible to do so, and the opinion of a casual viewer regarding them or their team's situation has absolutely nothing to do with it. I'm curious, if you were observing an everyday person who was having a rough week/month/year at work that wasn't as successful as they wanted it to be, would you tell them to just not show up for work the next day, or for any amount of time, because you conclude that they've got "nothing to work for"? I know it's not a 1:1 comparison, but hopefully you get the point.
  8. I suppose we all have different definitions of what's considered a bust, but I'm surprised to see David Johnson mentioned as much as he has been. Did he live up to his top 3 price tag? Certainly not, but he's been pretty solid most weeks. I saw someone mentioning they want their top picks to be like Tyreek Hill - I suppose that is personal preference, but personally I completely despise owning players like Tyreek (DJax comes to mind). Give me week to week consistency instead of huge peaks and valleys, especially in my big ticket player(s). He will undoubtedly be high priced next year, but he's going to have to go real cheap for me to bite. To further expand on DJ though - I think it is extremely flawed logic to draft anyone top 3 and expect said player to finish top 3 at their position. Players are not rated that highly because of where they are expected to finish, its more to do with how much they can be depended on week to week and year to year, as well as opportunity, talent, utilization, etc. In my opinion, players that are ranked higher are more likely to succeed is all, that doesn't necessarily mean they finish EXACTLY or above the position they're drafted, but the hope is to get a solid season from them. He's currently sitting at #11 in standard scoring for RBs. Thats not too bad at all, especially considering the absolute dumpster fire of an offense he's working with (which is in the running for worst offensive DVOA of all time, by the way). I have memories of Gurley in 2016 drafted as the #1 RB and finishing as the #20. Now that's bust-worthy, imo.
  9. That seems accurate. I was sorta paying attention to it and didnt notice him on the field after his TD. I attributed it to him battling through injuries the last couple weeks and the game well in hand by halftime that they'd rather rest him up.
  10. Was only a couple weeks ago for me, but the point still stands. Once he was ruled out week 14, he was a drop imo. Because even if he played week 15, you shouldnt start him without seeing if he can get through the game first, and the week 16 matchup is not a great one against MIN - the one team that really bottled him up when he was healthy. Hopefully he wasn't taking up valuable bench spots and anyone that still has him was able to use an IR slot.
  11. I'm not at all sure where I implied that Breida is just another guy. Perhaps you can enlighten me on that. In the mean time, I'll say that Breida is really good, but I don't believe he's a "stud". He's running behind a top 5 OL which is also why Wilson, who is a "literal guy off the street", can come in and prove to be productive too (aside from his fumble yesterday). You may not realize this, and I know draft pedigree isn't everything, but both Wilson and Breida are undrafted free agents and they share a very similar frame - so the perceived "talent" difference may not be quite as drastic as you believe. As you said, "don't let the volume box scores fool you". I'm by no means saying Breida is awful, but I believe he's not quite good enough to call him a stud. Nor am I saying Wilson is amazing and is nipping at the heels of Breida for the starting job, but he is a solid runner for them and he's only played 4 games in the NFL compared to Breida's 29. That being said, I completely agree there's a bit of a gap in talent but a much bigger gap in experience. Breida's a warrior though, that's for damn sure, playing as much as he has through his ankle injury - huge props for that. After a re-aggravation and the Bears coming to town, this feels like kind of a no-brainer sit Breida situation.
  12. You realize I posted that before the game even took place and my post literally 2 minutes ago said the same thing you just did?
  13. Breida's usage in the game might have had something to do with Wilson fumbling on his first touch of the game. Wilson was used very sparingly until Breida re-injured himself late in the game.
  14. Based on the data I've been looking at, that's actually not completely true at all. As depleted as PHI's secondary is, they're near the bottom of the league in fantasy points allowed (as in, they don't give up very many) to slot receivers somehow. They have been completely gashed on the outside though, being the 2nd most generous to LWRs and the most generous to RWRs. Woods has moved into the slot primarily since Kupp went down, giving Reynolds a very favorable matchup on either side. It can't be SO crazy to want to play a guy catching passes from Goff rather than the legend of Jeff Driskel, can it? I can see the merits to what you're saying, but I want to add that calling such a move a "hero ball" play, is a very extreme, knee-jerk reaction with zero good intentions. It simply wasn't necessary to add imo, you could have excluded it entirely and it would have led to a more constructive stance.
  15. I've been digging deep to figure out who I should start, and from the trends I've seen, I think he will end up splitting quite a bit of work with Wilson. In the weeks that Breida was Questionable going into a game (weeks 4 [shoulder], 5 [ankle started here], 6, 8, 9, 13 - and week 7 he re-aggravated the ankle) he hasn't had amazing games and ceded a good number of touches particularly when Mostert emerged. SF learned early this year that Morris is dead weight, so Breida did see more work in the other weeks. He had a couple solid outings during those weeks (weeks 5 & 6 where he scored 12.1 pts each in standard) that were heavily inflated by scoring a TD. During the 2 weeks (10 & 12) where he wasn't limited in practice or questionable for the game, he had his best games since injuring the ankle, scoring 25.2 and 14. Based on the fact that Wilson has shown to be a reliable runner for them, I really don't expect Breida to come in and dominate the workload, or be amazingly effective. For those without better options, I hope Breida can buck the trend!