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  1. I haven’t played CBS in a long time so don’t quote me on this but I believe there is a drop players tab and click on the players you want to drop. If you are dropping more than one you will have to hold the shift tab as well.
  2. Brad Miller 2018 Outlook

    The Tampa Bay Rays have traded Brad Miller and cash considerations to the Milwaukee Brewers for Ji-Man Choi.
  3. New user - when can I post new topics?

    I believe you have to have 10 posts before you post a topic
  4. Jon Jay 2018 Outlook

    Jon Jay has been traded to the Diamondbacks for two minor league pitching prospects Gabe Speier and Elvis Luciano.
  5. How many leagues to play in?

    1 for me. Mostly because I also play Fantasy hockey and Fantasy basketball so it’s tough to keep up with.
  6. ESPN Fantasy Football Leagues

    This thread can be closed. I have decided to not play Fantasy Football this season at this time.
  7. ESPN Fantasy Leagues

    Thanks for the response. Are you still able to change the league settings or is what is shown on that page all you can change? Because I’m looking to change the scoring, how long the playoff matchups and regular season matchups are, and the trade deadline date.
  8. ESPN Fantasy Football Leagues

    For fantasy baseball and now for fantasy football you can't create your own league and open it to the public if it doesn't fill. Your only options are to join one of ESPN's pre created leagues or to create a league manger league where you are forced to send out invites to other owners.
  9. ESPN Fantasy Football Leagues

    You can now join ESPN fantasy football leagues but unfortunately it looks like ESPN is going to do what they did to their fantasy baseball leagues to fantasy football too.
  10. How would I go about creating a custom settings ESPN league which would appear in the draft lobby? ESPN is only providing me with the option of creating a "League Manager" league where I would be the commissioner and forced to send out invitations to prospective owners. Help would be appreciated.
  11. ESPN Fantasy Leagues

    Also does anybody know what sports this will include or is going to be all fantasy sports across the ESPN platform?
  12. ESPN Fantasy Leagues

    First of all I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. Does anybody know why ESPN got rid of creating a custom settings league which would appear in the draft lobby and then the league you created would be able to be joined by the public? They are only providing me with the option of creating a League Manager league. I've played this way on ESPN for years across four different sports and now those options are just gone out of the blue. If anybody has an insight on this I'd greatly appreciate. I'm currently sitting out of fantasy baseball this year due to this issue and wouldn't be opposed to sitting out the other three sports if this continues.
  13. I'm Looking To Join A League

    This thread can be closed. I have decided to not play Fantasy Baseball this season at this time.
  14. I'm Looking To Join A League

    Thanks for the offer but I'm still not interested.
  15. I'm Looking To Join A League

    Thanks for the offer but that draft time conflicts with my work schedule.