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  1. I ended up staying put
  2. This is for the team in my signature. I have Kevin Durant in a non IR league. So my question is what should I do with him. Keep him and possibly waste a roster spot if he ends up being out for the year or should I try to trade him? Help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm still shopping around KD with the trade deadline tomorrow. I have already clinched a playoff spot by the way so I could afford to hang on to him if I don't find the right trade.
  4. LMA, Sauce, and a toss up between the other two for me
  5. Yes you should be able to play him tomorrow
  6. As of right now this is the only offer I have on the table. My trade deadline is Sunday at 11:59 PM EST.
  7. I ended up rejecting offer 1 so none of these five offers are on the table anymore
  8. I'd go with Durant
  9. I'd drop Zubac
  10. I ended up making this trade
  11. This is for the team in my signature. I have just been offered Tyler Toffoli and Thomas Greiss for my Jordan Eberle and Marc-Andre Fleury. Would you make this trade or not? Help would be appreciated.
  12. I wouldn't drop Jae Crowder for him but I'm on mobile so I can't see your roster.
  13. Offer 4 is no longer on the table
  14. Playoffs run until the last day of the regular season
  15. Offer 2 is no longer on the table
  16. Anderson
  17. I'd stay put
  18. Offer 5 is no longer on the table
  19. I have also just been offered Reggie Jackson for KD
  20. Stay Put