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  1. Kela
  2. Ramirez Castellanos Parra Pham
  3. Machado
  4. Clippard has been announced as the closer
  5. Stay Put
  6. I like Lucroy the best out of those options due to his upside
  7. I'd make that trade
  8. Cahill and Morton for me
  9. I'd lean towards Marte but I think it will be close
  10. I'd try your counter first and if not then I would do the original deal.
  11. I'd ask for another piece back as I think it's a lot to pay.
  12. Correa
  13. Depending who the closers are depends on if I would make the trade or not.
  14. Bautista
  15. I'd stay put
  16. I'm hoping for a Lucroy trade so I'd still stay put but that's just me.
  17. I'd rank them Seager, Xander, and Andrus in the order you should go after.
  18. Side B
  19. I'd make that trade
  20. I'd still make the trade and would much rather have Berrios over Godley