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  1. I'm making that trade
  2. Make that trade. If that's Dee Gordon then pick him up and drop Ellsbury.
  3. Make that trade
  4. Goldy
  5. I'd make that trade
  6. I'd stay put
  7. Gallo
  8. I'd make that move
  9. Depends if you need hitting or pitching
  10. I'd drop
  11. Cueto
  12. Trade Walker
  13. If you want to get rid of him I'd try to trade him. You could probably get a better SP then any of those guys for him.
  14. This is for team 2 in my signature. Which closer would you rather have Alex Colome or David Robertson. Help would be appreciated.
  15. Start him
  16. Any other opinions
  17. I would actually stay put
  18. Make that trade
  19. Ideally I'd want to get Tanaka and a SS for one of my SP's and a lower tiered bat.
  20. This is for team 1 in my signature. I have been offered Josh Donaldson and Masahiro Tanaka for my Bryce Harper and Carlos Martinez which I'm rejecting. Would you counter with anything? His team is as follows. C: Matt Wieters 1B: Freddie Freeman, Carlos Santana, Victor Martinez 2B: Starlin Castro 3B: Josh Donaldson, Jose Ramirez, Yangervis Solarte SS: Manny Machado, Francisco Lindor, Jonathan Villar OF: Billy Hamilton, Odubel Herrera, Carlos Gomez, Randal Grichuk SP: Masahiro Tanaka, Yu Darvish, Justin Verlander, Julio Teheran, Danny Salazar RP: Zach Britton, Seung-Hwan Oh, Ken Giles, Cody Allen, Alex Colome
  21. I'd look to trade before dropping since C is pretty weak
  22. Turner/Eaton
  23. I'd want more for Thor and Stanton
  24. No way
  25. I don't own Odubel