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  1. You need to chill a little bit. Mack is fine.
  2. We got bailed out with the TD, but this game was very discouraging. Burkhead might be the better play. This is annoying.
  3. Haha. ok. DOH! Could have sworn i saw something about him "getting up for this one" and "family and friends watching". i just assumed IN Arizona!
  4. Been there, done that with Mckissic. Nothing to see..
  5. He's going to have a monster day! 2 TD's in the first quarter. One rushing, one receiving
  6. Doesnt seem to be any cause for concern. FWIW I just googled him and read an article about how this game in Arizona is a homecoming for him. Family and friends will be there. Theres no way he doesn't suit up.
  7. Added yesterday after no one gave him a look in my league. We may have something here!
  8. He has to be. Gotta keep the defense honest
  9. Its going to take an injury to make him relevant now. Im dumping
  10. Lol at the 'hes gonna go to the chiefs to get revenge on the raiders' narrative. The raiders didnt to anything to him. Im not sure Pitt did either, but dont really know for sure.
  11. So if you get fined you lose your guaranteed money? I find that difficult to believe. Can someone explain?
  12. Lol at everyone acting like we drafted him as our wr3, 4 or even 5. A little perspective, people. Dude is a shot in the dark as a waiver grab. He plays for an elite football team with one of the greatest QBs in history who is coming off of another Superbowl win. I'll take this wr for free and see what happens.