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  1. So true. 29 million (IDK how much guaranteed) for a crap WR. Awesome.
  2. I have him as a keeper with the 12th pick in my upcoming draft. I may not keep. I know it's hard not to at that price but my gut is screaming avoid. I can easily envision a scenario where he totally breaks down and spends half of the year hurt/not playing. If they sign cja the situation becomes an even bigger headache.
  3. I wonder how often this combination comes up. It was a first for me this year. I had the first pick in the draft. I selected the eventual point leader (non-qb, Gurley in my league) Won the Championship. This is exactly how you draw it up on draft day if you have the first pick. Having it all unfold this way is probably a rarity.
  4. To me, this is the biggest issue with Rodgers, particularly this season. The ADP. IMO the other qbs closed the gap this year and those of us who drafted Rodgers early probably didnt have great seasons. Moving forward, ts going to be hard to justify drafting a qb in the first few rounds when QB play across the NFL is out of this world.
  5. Gotta love week 16 waiver wire league winners!!!! Thanks Jamal!
  6. Congrats to you all! I won the Championship on the backs of Jamal Williams, CJ Anderson and some studly WR's. Survived 3 rounds of playoffs with no OBJ Survived 2 rounds of playoffs with no Spencer Ware Survived the Championship game with no Gurley. CJA will always have a special place in my heart!! Time to start draft prep!!
  7. Yup. He gave us pretty much exactly what Gurley gave us every week this year. No Gurley? No Problem. Next man up!
  8. This dude is now a fantasy legend. He single handedly led me (and others, Im sure) to a title in 2014 or whatever year it was he came out of nowhere down the stretch. And now this performance yesterday. Unbelievable! I felt so dejected when Gurley was ruled out. Had nothing to lose so i plugged in CJA over Kelly. Paid off BIG TIME! Congrats to those who started him.
  9. thank god. at least we have a chance!!!
  10. also starting over kelly. I understand that CJ isnt the sexiest of plays but Kelly only has 2 carries in his career. Cant see him carrying the load, but what do I know?
  11. I havent seen him ruled out anywhere. Youd think it was a foregone conclusion when you come into these threads. Guarantee he plays and plays a full game
  12. Thinking too much, everyone. Todd Gurley can play with a little inflammation. Its not that big of a deal.
  13. Are there any Ware owners in this thread or is it all Williams owners trying to pee in our Cheerios?
  14. Well I don't believe anyone thinks he is going 25-135-3, 5-34-1 But any starting RB in a bellcow situation is worthy of a fantasy start. Especially in week 16 when so many other players are banged up
  15. Thats a bs statement. Ware looked by far and away the better player vs Baltimore.