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  1. Facing Fournett in 2 Leagues. Was happy until he broke off a fricking 69 yard run at the end 😫
  2. Kill me now, I needed the saints to win this game
  3. Goff vs Car or Winston vs SF
  4. Week 15 Chi Week 16 Min Anybody concerned about this?
  5. The memes are priceless!😂😂😂
  6. The irony of where we are today. A few weeks ago we thought Zeke would be the one coming back and Gordon sitting and now it's the reverse 😂
  7. Talk me off the ledge, what are the chances he scores 21 in ppr
  8. Left D. Adams on the bench and started Edelman Thursday because I didn't know if Adams would play ugh!!!! When knowing too much screws you over. Even worse i have Ingram in the flex and could have swapped Adams in but didn't. If I did I would have won! Of course I'm facing the top scorer of the week this week when I had to make the right choice I need 21 points from Ingram tonight and have little faith he'll gets it. Oh and f--- Odell for throwing that td, Fml
  9. Started rams def and kicker. Faced cousins, gurley, and woods this week so I'm not all that excited today. My week is lost before it even started fml