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  1. Pretty simple. Get your winnings and leave the league. Unless it was specified before the season, the commish can't just make it up as he goes.
  2. Has CMC had any major injuries in the past? Seems like people are worried about him holding up, however he's a good size for what he got this year and I can't remember him taking a ton of damage in college.
  3. In my absolute rage and horrible mood, that made me crack the smallest of smiles. Well done.
  4. Thomas over Brate. As a fellow Keenan owner (and someone who went up against Rivers/D. Williams), I'm pulling for ya!
  5. Well, Keenan Allen put me in a hole. It's now or never Cam!
  6. Honestly, at least you know now and won't risk him coming in for a play and leaving again. Nothing hurts worse than a goose egg from someone who started and left early (Keenan Allen owner).
  7. Right here. Also went up against the Rivers/Damien freaking Williams stack. Loving life right about now.
  8. Really wish I saw this post last night. Don't mind me creeping on all of your posts from here on out.
  9. - Going for the three-peat (never been done before) - Facing the cockiest owner in the league (happens to be my cousin) - Successfully blocked him from all RB on the waiver wire after Connor's injury except one (Damien Williams) - Started Keenan Allen and Badgley against his Rivers and Williams Was so excited for this weekend too, but that destroyed me. Need some miracle performances on Sunday/Monday to have a chance.
  10. If the Dolphins are out there, they have a nice matchup in week 16 against the Jags.
  11. As of now yes, but today and tomorrow's practice reports will be huge. If I play him and he ends up getting taken out by halftime, I might lose it.