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  1. I didn't yet, but will probably be making the switch before next week's games. Thanksfully CMC didn't go down! I think if he were to go down though CJA would do just fine in that offense. Norv loves to ride one workhorse RB.
  2. Thanks for mine! That's pretty pricy IMO, I'd hold off or try to go back with a lesser RB.
  3. Thanks for mine! I'd stay away from Dez. May get a touchdown here or there but won't be anything special without a Thomas injury.
  4. Help with Trade Decisions (WHiR)

    I'd pass. I feel like if you were going to trade Allen you could get a better RB than Cook, and possibly one not on bye. Maybe try going back with Tate instead and see what they say. Thanks for mine!
  5. Keep Mccaffery. Your team would be much more complete with him, especially with his schedule and it being PPR.
  6. If your contending for this season, go with Evans. If you're already looking towards next season, keep Sanders. Thanks for mine!
  7. JHoward for Fitzpatrick? WHIR

    I'd keep Howard as Fournette insurance. That would be more important to me than the upgrade from Brady to Fitzpatrick (especially because you never know how long he's actually going to start for the Bucs).
  8. Do it. Having Coleman as your 3rd gives you flexibility to make this move, and Zeke is by far the best player in the trade.
  9. I would make the trade for either, with Kupp slightly higher due to TD potential.
  10. WDIS for WRs? WHIR 100%

    MVS vs Miami. D. Adams might be slowed down by Howard on MIA and he's been looking really good lately.
  11. Make a drop for playoff def?? WHIR

    I would drop Williams. Don't think he'll ever be a top option with M. Williams in town and it'd be worth solidifying your defense for the playoff run.
  12. Week 10 Lineup Help WHIR

    I would go with Fitz (because of the AJ Green injury) and Chubb who's getting a ton of work. Ingram would be a close second.
  13. Lineup Help WHIR

    Zeke @ PHI Mixon vs NO Ingram @ CIN (flex) WRs: M. Thomas @ CIN OBJ @ SF TE: Kittle vs NYG That's what I'd go with.
  14. I'd actually take Wilson. Injuries can still happen and if you trade away Coleman, your depth really takes a hit.
  15. MVS for Jones - WHIR!!!

    I think you're fine at both RB and WR, but RB are worth more. It would be different if you needed WR. Hold Jones.