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  1. Thanks guys, Hilton owner actually surprisingly kept him so looks like Cooper will be the target anyway.
  2. 2018 WR Rankings and Discussion

    Really having trouble ranking guys in the Baldwin-Hilton-Cooper-Diggs-Fitz tier. I'm a lot higher on Cooper, but my rankings for those 5 change daily. I think what I have right now is: Hilton (assuming Luck is a full participant) Cooper Baldwin Fitz Diggs
  3. Nope, just starting to gather some info on the players. I figure Luck will be the determining factor, but was curious if people thought his injury would linger or if one of the players would be the majority regardless. Thanks!
  4. Go with the Landry side. He's only 25 and the difference between Chubb and Johnson isn't that much. Plus he's on the Browns, and no matter how improved they are, they will be passing a lot late in games.
  5. New Dynasty League Draft 4th Pick WHIR

    I'd still take Zeke or Saquon. You can't let your fandom cost you in fantasy, but those two are fairly close and you won't be losing much going with Barkley.
  6. Mixon for Cohen/Freeman?

    I'd keep Mixon. Should get a ton more opportunity this year since the Bengals don't typically get their rookies a ton. Freeman could be good, but the Broncos have hung on to Booker this long for a reason. Not out of the realm of possibility that he starts the whole year.
  7. Keeper Questions

    Go Allen. Played 16 last year and the injuries before that were fluke ones and shouldn't affect him going forward.
  8. Looks great to me. Mahommes will either blow up or you can stream the position. Love Crowder in the flex.
  9. Mixon and it's not close. He's a starting RB who should get the ball a ton. The Bengals NEVER give their rookies a ton of work. Juju is great, but there are stats out there showing that Big Ben typically can't sustain two top WR along with Bell. I think most of Juju's big games came with Brown out of the lineup. Definitely take the RB!
  10. Rate My Team - WHIR Leave a Link

    You're stacked man. I wouldn't make a move at all. Not a huge fan of Landry, but he's solid in a PPR. I'd also like to know who went 1.01 haha
  11. Upgrade at QB or stay put? WHIR

    Try for Luck first. For that value, he's worth the gamble. I'd still try for Rodgers, but the offer with the 1.01 in it is a hard pass. Saquon should be off limits. I think he'll cave in to your original offer with the Shady news looking worse by the day. Keep pushing for it if you can't get Luck, but hold your ground.
  12. Alright, so it's looking like I'm going to be rolling into the draft with Le'veon Bell and Christian Mccaffery, and will end up with Saquon Barkley and Keenan Allen with my first two picks (standard scoring). My next one will most likely be between Amari Cooper and TY Hilton. Amari Cooper is now in a system where Gruden has historically fed his #1 WR, with 10 of his 11 WR1's going over 1000 yards. Derek Carr has come to Cooper's defense about his injury last season, and between the targets and connection with his QB, Cooper looks to be lined up for a big season. Add to that the loss of Crabtree and the no-so-great defense. TY Hilton was a stud before Luck went down. Luck looks to be healthy, but how long will that last? With a healthy Luck, I would probably roll with Hilton but now I'm torn. Which guy would you pair with Bell, Barkley, CMC, and Keenan? As always, leave a link and I'll get back to you ASAP. The more detail you give me, the more you get back. Thanks!
  13. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Struck out trying to flip Mccaffery for Adams in my keeper league. The guy needs a RB (he's my RB3) and I need a WR, I thought it would be an easy swap. Really think this guy is a lock for top 10 if healthy.
  14. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    The only thing I'm worried about is the concussions. The talent and, more importantly, the opportunity are both there to warrant his ADP.