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  1. Basically nothing to one person might not be nothing to another. I've traded trash for hidden treasure before. Forget who I traded, but I nabbed David Johnson his rookie year before his breakout for next to nothing. It can happen (especially early in the season), and it's absolutely worth giving it a shot. Just because you haven't seen an example of it before, doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
  2. Cooper Kupp going down is what changed. The Rams started off last season rusty too after sitting all preseason. He'll have a nice bounce back at home this week.
  3. I'd go Davante and Alshon. Report about AB having a way to go with the playbook makes me wanna let him sit for a little. Don't overthink Adams.
  4. Everyone's league's different man. You find someone that has picked up a Hock or Mark Andrews and can stash Howard to see if he ever comes around, and they may think trading basically nothing for a lottery ticket is worth the risk. Just because you personally have never been able to pull it off doesn't mean others haven't.
  5. I'm assuming I won't get any bites and will have to hold him, but the second he has a decent game I'm shipping him somewhere.
  6. Selling him for pennies on the dollar. I love OJ as a player, but as someone said before, difference makers don't end with 0 targets in a game. Sad thing is I doubt I even get pennies at this point...
  7. I did the same. Giving OJ Howard some more time, but wanted to have insurance just in case.
  8. Don't sell him cheap. It's not a sure thing that AB actually sticks in NE with the way things have been going with him and that massive ego. Worth holding him for a little to find that out.
  9. I always say don't panic after one week. Jameis is the exception to that rule. Dude looked like crap in a good matchup at home in opening week. With a short week against the Panthers, he's drop city for me. Will keep an eye on him throughout the season, but you can't start him this week and I'm not rostering two QB for that hot mess.
  10. I'm convinced your a boxscore watcher. Go watch the Vikings or KC games from last year and tell me there's nothing special about his talent.
  11. Have a feeling this dude is going yard tonight.
  12. Need to see the rest of your roster and know the settings, but in a vacuum I'd probably do it.