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  1. Hey man, I remember you from last year! Glad your in! We have a solid 10 teams so I posted league safe cause worst case we go 10 teams, but I have emails etc out to people and will still try for 12. So if u can get paid up thatd be appreciated. See ya tonite!
  2. Need 3 more and we are drafting TONITE!
  3. Sorry forgot to specify payouts... 1st-300 2nd-$150 3rd-$50 Regular season winner-$50 Most points scored(regular season)-$50 The league safe will be posted on the homepage when league is full and will be a direct link, meaning you can just click on it.
  4. Nearly half full @ 5 of 12 teams.
  5. Already sick of pointless mock drafts and best ball leagues? Well...Here's your chance for the first draft of the season! Per the usual, funds thru league safe w. majority vote, 100% payouts[don't ever play in a league with a commish fee lol] Settings are as follows: $100 auction budget for the draft[no reason for a $200 budget as it just takes longer...if your confused by the values just double them], Blind bidding on free agents. Lineup-QB,2RB'S,2WR'S,3FLEX,TE, NO defense and kicker, do I really need to ask if you guys want your $ being dependant on the variance of them?? CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO JOIN: http://games.espn.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=1629&k=ca65a&d=AAAABAAABl0AAAfi%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwAAH%2FE%3D&t=9
  6. Case Keenum 2018 Season Outlook

    It's funny cause at that this time last year, could anyone of pictured talking about CK? Fantasy and the nfl in general are funny lol. Anyway is it September yet?
  7. Case Keenum 2018 Season Outlook

    Depends on what context your referring to....obviously for fantasy it's the opposite of that. But the QB still needs to play well enough to help their respective team get to the postseason.
  8. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    Forgot to mention the oline got progressively worse last year and that was before the inquiries to Elflein, and Easton. Wish we would've kept Captain too, but can't change that obviously. We do need a good nickel back so hopefully Alexander can step up this year. Newman is solid, but well....old lol. If any of you boys are going to Saints, Sunday nite game week 8 lemme know, cause I bought tix for that one already lol.
  9. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    The Vikings season comes down to how much the oline improves, and whether Kendricks and Barr stay healthy. They have enough depth to survive at most of the other positions. I don't get how people are saying case isn't that good...it's honestly nuts to me. Were you guys not watching the games last year? I know I was...All of them. Vikings fans lemme ask you this, how many plays did case keep alive but side stepping a defender, ducking under one, or just being shifty? Hopefully I'm wrong and cuz comes in and lights it up for us, but I wish we would've kept case.
  10. Denver Broncos 2018 Outlook

    Not offended at all, no apologies necessary if you were being genuine about that. I'm not a Broncos fan so idgaf lol. I get that everyone will not always agree and that's to be expected, although maybe unintended you just came across that way. All the best!
  11. Denver Broncos 2018 Outlook

    Troll much?
  12. Case Keenum 2018 Season Outlook

    I was just out in Colorado and drove past u guys' stadium a few times. As long as you guys address your oline and rb case will do well for ya guys. I'll be rooting for you as well this year.