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  1. With the Wallerus on bye, I'm starting and keeping my fingers crossed
  2. If it's weekly and reverse standings then go ahead. If it's rolling then don't waste it for a DST. Thanks for the help on mine.
  3. I'd do it. With Carson having fumble issues and the Oline in Cincy is terrible. Help with mine?
  4. 12 team standard scoring league. All TD's are 6 pts plus we have bonuses for 40 yard plays, 300+ passing yard, 100+ rushing/receiving yards. I traded Ty Williams who was my WR4 for Darrel Williams. The owner of Williams also has Shady so I'm a little surprised he accepted. I own Damien Williams. I lost Saquon and wasn't able to grab Gallman so I need some RB depth. My Team: QB - Goff WR - Golladay, Woods, Sanders, Ty Williams, Scary Terry, Dorsette RB - Barkley, A. Jones, D. Williams, Hyde, L. Murray TE - Waller, Herndon K - Fairbairn DST - Stream
  5. If you own Darwin, all you can ask for is opportunity. Right now it's looking like he might be getting his shot, let's see what he can do with it. All i know is I'd rather have a piece of this offense than not.
  6. Alright.....I'm back on the train boys! Now let's see some practice reports
  7. James Washington Ty Johnson D. Thompson Darrel Williams Herndon Rudolph CJ Anderson if he signs somewhere
  8. Couldn't you just scoop him up for free if he's a FA right now?
  9. [...] I'm excited to see if he can reconnect with his college QB. I think this guy is really flying under the radar right now.
  10. If you drop you know he's gonna post that 6 for 7 for 97 yards and a TD game. I'm hoping a week of practice with Teddy will help them get on the same page. He's getting looks. But if he does have a big game I'll definitely be shopping him. There's just nothing else out there in the TE wasteland right now to give up on him just yet.
  11. Notable ones in my 12 team league, somebody bid $47 out of a $200 for D. Robinson (next closest bid was $5). My $17 bid for J. Allen didn't get him ($20 did). The best is a manager bid $40 for Jimmy G. and next closest bid was $0. Agholor went for $11 (next closest was $5). Frank Gore went for $15 with no other bids. I got James Washington for $2.
  12. Lol true, but I could see Washington signing him
  13. He'll definitely get picked up by some team...the question is which team???
  14. I think if we pinned the FAAB thread to the Fantasy Football Talk forum there would be more activity in it and less FAAB questions asked in threads. AC doesn't seem to have the same traffic. Thoughts?