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  1. Well hell. Shut off Gus Edwards, boys. Just shut ‘em off.
  2. I am. Not all that confidently, just more confidently than I would be Devonta Freeman. Michel at least got the work, he just didn’t produce. If he gets 15 carries against the Fins, he will produce something. I hear you. Evans, Freeman, Michel, Howard were picks 2, 3, 4, and 6. Week one fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.
  3. As long as nothing surprising happens with Andrews or Waller this weekend (injury or 0 target goose egg like Howard), then yes, I’d drop Howard and roll with the other two. Both appear to me to have an established roll in their offenses and schemes that value their talent. If one of them gets injured and is out for several weeks, I’d rather have Howard’s potential than Gisecki or whoever is still out there on the wire today.
  4. That’s a bit of a straw man, isn’t it? If you’d drop your 6th round pick after two awful weeks, you may as well autodraft? There are points on the spectrum between there and here. What I spent on Howard on draft day and what I thought I knew about him when I did is not nearly as important to me as what we know from this season about Howard versus the other options I have available. Personally, I drafted Howard based on past performance, raw talent, an assumption about passing volume in this offense, and the assumption that Howard’s talent would win out over a Bruce Airians offense that historically has not utilized the TE in the passing game to a degree that would produce 6th round fantasy draft production. (Yeah, Leftwich is calling plays but that doesn’t mean Arians has no influence on the offense, IMO.). Howard is shot for me for at least the next 2 weeks, because even a big week next week won’t assure me enough to be comfortable starting him in week 4. As someone who also drafted Andrews and picked up Waller this week (yeah 3 TEs on the roster at the moment, never saw that coming), I’d rather go with the safer floor and guaranteed usage of those two, unless something happens this weekend to them.
  5. At least 2 false starts. The good news is he was really active. The bad news is too much of that activity was before the snap.
  6. Not worried about Evans this season. He’s still shaking off the rust, and he was targeted enough, including in the end zone, in a low scoring game. One TD was off his hands, a tough catch but one he can make and would’ve given him 90+ and a TD. Godwin is playing great and the team is running the ball more effectively so defenses are going to have to soften up on Evans a bit. And Winston didn’t have a great fantasy game but played a pretty good actual game—much better than last week. And that’s a good sign for Evans. We’d love our 2nd round pick to start hot out of the gate, but this stuff happens. Davante Adams, JuJu, Thielen, Jones, Beckham, a lot of top WRs had mediocre weeks. Anyone who sells now on Evans is selling low.
  7. Know the feeling, except for Evans. In a 12 team PPR where many teams roster 2 TEs, i am currently sitting on three, which is ridiculous: Howard (6th rd pick), Andrews (teens pick), and Waller (waivers). Don’t know if I can get through the weekend without dropping one, and each time I compare the 3, Howard keeps coming up on the bottom. It’s not a question of talent, but usage, consistency, and safe floor. Cannot doubt Howard’s raw talent, and he is bound to have big games. Winston knows how to throw to the TE (Winston-O’leary had a great connection in college. One week sample size is too small, but Brate has regularly vultured some red zone opportunities and eaten into Howard’s top end potential.
  8. Just hoping it’s not 50-3 Panthers on 3 pick 6s and a sack/safety to go with 3 McCaffrey TDs and a couple FGs. On the verge of dropping Winston but I’d love to get through this weekend. Problem with the dude is he can put up a 4 TD week against a solid D and still go back to being a Coney Island sidewalk sawdusted barf pile the next week. Guess that’s why we were all able to get him in the double digit rounds on draft day, though, huh?
  9. Don’t wanna blur the lines into AC, but it just depends what other options are. I’m often of the mind that if you spend a top 4 rounds pick on a dude, like I did Freeman, you gotta give him the benefit of the doubt early on. But man game 1 was not just bad, but dreadful. Those who took a couple of WRs rounds 1-2 and then took several RBs in the next several rounds probably have some other, similar options (Michel, Ingram, Breida, Henry, etc). But I don’t see how anyone can tell you to start with confidence after how the dirty birds offense looked.
  10. Why do people smoke crack, even though everyone knows you fast forward two years and there’s a good chance they’ll be walking around downtown with one shoe on slurring to passers by some preposterous story no one believes about how they’re a veteran and they just need $5 because the car is out of gas around the corner with the whole family in it and he’s gotta get them to church? Always chasing that rush of picking up Greg Jennings, Doug Martin, Roddy White, Victor Cruz, or Johnny Knox as totally unknown dudes off the waiver wire and blazing your way to a championship to the dismay and awe of your leaguemates. Even if it means sometimes you’re dropping your slow starting 3rd round pick prematurely for Wendell Smallwood only to have the guy you dropped exceed his ADP by season’s end. But it doesn’t matter because the next rush is right around the corner.
  11. Truly. I was smart and picked a Patriots running back in the 4th round instead.
  12. I’ve had those. Sidney Rice somewhere in the 2000s, a few slow weeks, dropped, and he had a great season. But that’s totally anecdotal. Allison could just as easily be Markus Wheaton, Josh Doctson, or Tajae Sharpe in recent years. No one regretted dropping those dudes, looking back.
  13. There were two plays where he might’ve been credited a Target: the end zone play where he was behind graham when he caught the TD, and a later play down the left sideline where Rodgers was under pressure and threw it in the vicinity of Allison and one other Packer, but the ball hit the ground in no mans land between the two. The announcers talked about Rodgers acting exasperated at the end of that play (didn’t show him), but it wasn’t clear if his exasperation was the blocking or a bad route. In either case, none of Allison’s targets were high quality. I also noticed on at least one key third down play, Allison was out wide to the left and Adams was lined up in the slot. So the notion that Rodgers loves throwing to his slot man doesn’t necessarily mean that high-use, trusted slot man will be Allison, which some of us had hoped. I agree you can’t overreact on one game against probably the best defense in the league. But MVS was targeted more and was much more involved in the offense (including getting a pitch on a sweep...that got blown up). I drafted Allison as a WR4-5 in a 1 point per reception league, but dropped him for DeVante Parker midweek because I like the volume Parker seems likely to get most weeks when he’s healthy. Allison will surely have big games, but if games like this are sprinkled in there as well, how can you ever start the guy?
  14. Any more than 3 leagues and I feel like I can’t keep up. 2 is ideal. I’m probably in the minority on that around here. But more power to you.