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  1. 2018 2nd Year Wide Receiver Outlook

    If Ben Simmons can win NBA rookie of the year this year even though he was drafted in 2016, I don’t see why not.
  2. Post-hype sleepers 2018

    Hard to argue with “post hype” or “sleeper” with this one.
  3. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    If you have to ask, you don’t play enough fantasy football. Pretty sure Axe Elf said he played in 81 leagues 2 years ago. So that’s probably a good starting point for those among us who want to get really serious about this.
  4. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    I’ve seen how this one ends. You’re leaving out the part of the story where, after that bold move, you then traded Zeke for Devante Parker and went ahead and on draft day you boned your friend instead of his hot gf on a hunch. Because you’d self aggrandizing preseason talk doesn’t axually materialize into real results and then you disappear from this forum like the anti-Bobby Fischer of fantasy football.
  5. Philip Rivers 2017 Season Outlook

    Love the gif, but I can't tell which way you are going with this. Are you saying he has a short memory for considering starting him after getting burned last week, or he has a short memory for worrying about starting Rivers against a weak Jets secondary after Rivers was on fire for the six weeks prior to last week? Because I'm feeling pretty good about a Rivers bounce back after the loss last week, even if Henry is out. Allen being out is a bigger concern, but reports are promising.
  6. Zach Ertz 2017 Outlook

    As both an Ertz and Olsen owner, I'm strongly considering Olsen this weekend. However, that's partly because I'm also a Funchess owner, and I'm liking their matchup. Starting both Funchess and Olsen is a hedge that at least one has a pretty big game (and both having one isn't out of the question).
  7. Devin Funchess 2017 Season Outlook

    Anyone worried about the shoulder? I thought it was a non-issue, but after he got nailed by the DB in the end zone (knocking the ball out and saving the TD), Funchess stayed down for several minutes with obvious shoulder pain. He returned to the game after that, but I'm not sure he was targeted again. If Funchess is still healthy with no significant setback with injury, I'm starting him despite Olsen's return. I think the Green Bay defense may have been just as surprised by Olsen's explosion as Thebes fantasy world was, and the Tampa Bay defense, as inept as they may be, will surely account more for Olsen in their game plan. This could open things up for Funchess (or it could open things up for McCaffery, which does is Funchess owners no good.)
  8. Greg Olsen 2017 Season Outlook

    Been sitting on Olsen for a few weeks. Have to choose between him and Ertz in the finals also. Both are great options to have. Funchess was clearly in pain with the shoulder injury this week (dropped a sure fire TD in the end zone after a clean but lethal hit by a DB, and stayed down for a couple minutes afterward), and Funchess wasn't targeted again all game that I recall. If Funchess is injured, I expect even more Olsen usage. May have to lean that way. (Looks like I'll be playing the Cam owner as well, and I also have Funchess. Weird strategy question arises here for sure.)
  9. Marqise Lee 2017 Season Outlook

    Starting Lee and Funchess has been a killer this week. Two top 24 WRs combining for a 1.9 in standard in the semis....ouch. Lee has had a dream season considering he was a waiver wire find.
  10. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    Might negate the damage done by the Rivers and Allen bed crapping, for those who started all 3. But, man, Hunt was phenomenal last night. Can't imagine the Chiefs haven't figured out by now that they must run to set up the pass to perform best with this personnel.
  11. Philip Rivers 2017 Season Outlook

    Chiefs were playing deep safety all night, and Rivers blew the game by forcing deep passes without regard to safety help. He should have had 6 INTs last night, and that is no exaggeration. The short crosses, drag routes, and dump offs to Gordon and Ekeler were working really well and were good against the deep safety play and the aggressive pass rush. Why Rivers (or the OC) were not content to take the yardage that was there instead of forcing the ball deep into double coverage is beyond me. The Chargers may have lost their shot at the playoffs with that idiotic decision making, and it's pretty ironic they did so against an offense that is generally totally content to take the easy 4-8 yard gains with very few deep passes, when that's exactly the script that would have won the Chargers the game. Chiefs defense is legit, but it's not like the Chargers couldn't move the ball, if they'd taken what was there. Worst time for Rivers to go 'Bad Eli Manning' for us fantasy footballers. Probably cost a lot of people a title game appearance. I had Rivers and Allen stacked last night. Only thing that still gives me a prayer in the semis is also starting Hunt.
  12. Philip Rivers 2017 Season Outlook

    I can understand those who have another pretty well established option not playing Rivers, and the matchup is a bit scary, but at a certain point I feel like in the FF playoffs you've got to go with the players who got you there, and if you lose due to a bad matchup, I'd rather go out like that than losing because I started a much riskier player. And I don't know if there are any stats on being on a "hot streak" or how you would measure that, but Rivers is on one right now. He is playing at a high level, he has a stable full of playmakers at every position, including 2 RBs with hands that the OC will incorporate into the passing game. Granted it was against an inferior defense at home, but Rivers had 250 yards at the half last week and coukd have had a lot more but the game plan seemed to shift to clock management and letting the defense carry them home with a big lead. The line is playing well right now as well. Ive been rotating Rivers and Cousins all year, and lately Rivers has been hot whereas Cousins has a beat up OL, lost his 3rd down RB, lost one of his best TEs, lacks any playmaker as good as either of Rivers' top 2 WRs. Rivers may have a more modest showing, but with all of that the chances that he totally bottoms out this weekend (less than 18) seems more unlikely than the chance that some of the other common option (Cousins, Bress, Winston) drastically exceed 18-20 points seems slim. Those of you with a Newton or Rodgers have a tougher choice, IMO, but you can't really question yourself too much for going with the hot hand like Rivers, esp with a guy like Rodgers, as great aa he is, playing his first game in 2 months on the road against a pretty good D in it's own right. EDIT: I'll add that the weather forecast in KC this weekend is looking pretty ideal. Low 50s around gametime, 0% chance of precipitation, and winds around 10 mph. Definitely not the unwelcoming November weather KC is capable of producing. Sometimes I downgrade west coast/warn weather QBs in cold weather road games against a tough D a little more than normal, but I don't see that as a factor here.
  13. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Some of you might not be able to trust him enough to start him in the playoffs, but he's pretty scary to be going up against in the playoffs, with the Oakland matchup.
  14. Devin Funchess 2017 Season Outlook

    s---, I sat Funchess for Trent Taylor. Trent freaking Taylor. Somehow I won and advanced in the playoffs, but I'll be the first to say I don't deserve to. How I forget these things each year is a mystery. When you have proven production, you roll with them when it counts, and live or die with them. I'd rather lose playing a top 20 WR who gets shut down than lose playing some gimmicky scrub based on an on-paper matchup advantage while your season-long producer out performs him on your bench. The problem is that when that 1 out of 20 chance that the obscure lineup decision actually pans out, and you win a key matchup because of it, its such a crack rush for us fantasy football junkies that we are always chasing that first high.
  15. Giovani Bernard 2017 season outlook

    Bernard had 60 total yards at the half, most of them rushing. His receptions came on check downs in the 2nd half with Cincy in a huge hole and full blown comeback mode. The thing to consider is how banged up will the Bengals' D be next week? The Bears scored at will, seemingly, with all those key players on defense injured. If the Bengals find themselves in a big hole again this week against the Vikings, Bernard may still get a lot of run as the passing down back even if Mixon is active. Would definitely be more risky though, especially against such a tough defense.