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  1. After this preseason I say Anfernee Simons again Finally we saw the Lillard-Simons-McCollum lineup
  2. I didn't say it'll happen for sure, but Ayton is the centerpiece of Suns future so if he wanna try to play PF I think he'll play PF sometimes.. Definetely too much depth in that position, I'm not so high on Saric Keep an eye on Diallo, just because is the only player on that group capable to produce in limited minutes
  3. After this post Troy Brown jr went down with a strain so Anfernee is the undisputed last sleeper standing 🤣
  4. I think he'll make some other noise after the Media Day Blazers are so high on him He'll be a star sooner than later keep an eye on
  5. I told Brown can't score because he shoot 41,5% from the field in 10 games he started last season (you should consider Wiggins that you criticized in this post had 41,3% from the field) and 31% from 3 point line which is the worst thing Maybe he can play 30 minutes per night this season but imo he has zero upside Simons has a unique style of play, he'll start backing up both Lillard and McCollum so he'll see 20 minutes or so, but he has the talent to finish the season playing with them as a starter And if this doesn't happen Blazers could trade him, I read that almost every team in the NBA asked for Simons but for now they answer "not available"
  6. Yes but sometimes games also should be watched We can't live just reading some stats If you see him playing you'll discover that Simons is 10 times more talented than Hood and Curry (Seth)
  7. Perfect Sleepers are not just from bad teams For example Troy Brown who can't score = sleeper just because he plays with the rebuilding Wizards How many bad players have been considered sleepers just because they played in bad teams?? Bad players without much talent don't produce even if they play 30 minutes
  8. For me Simons is a sure all star in two years from now He's a must have player in dinasty format I understand lot of people here prefer to pick up a young guy from a bad team but I don't see similar talents in that teams He has the kind of talent that always emerge even in playoff teams
  9. I already know I'll finish picking him up and he's already destroying my team
  10. Jrue, Favors (despite phisical concerns) and Zion must-pick players I'im intrigued by Jaxson Hayes, he can produce in limited minutes Stay away from the other members of this team
  11. this makes me laugh the famous "win now mentality" in Orlando when they gave away Oladipo for nothing
  12. they didn't trade him so you won they didn't trade him, they'll lose him for nothing next summer and even won't make playoffs so don't tell me it's the logical decision to not trade him