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  1. this makes me laugh the famous "win now mentality" in Orlando when they gave away Oladipo for nothing
  2. they didn't trade him so you won they didn't trade him, they'll lose him for nothing next summer and even won't make playoffs so don't tell me it's the logical decision to not trade him
  3. West coast general managers still sleeping? you confirm it?
  4. worst deadline ever nobody working today less than 3 hours left
  5. I read the package is Byombo Gilchrist and draft picks, that's why I asked if Gilchrist is worth a look I don't think Monk is involved, Grizzlies seem interested in draft picks
  6. Kidd-Gilchrist is a decent stash in case he's involved in the Marc Gasol trade? Memphis wings are empty
  7. And that's what I call a disaster move Resign a 28 YO center who is rightly looking for big money, but team is already 7 years built around this player without never making playoff (neither this season They will) The right decision is turning the page, for the team and for the player too
  8. That's a no sense statement my friend Why they should trade Gordon young and not expiring? ?? Vucevic is 29 and expiring, you lose him for nothing next summer That's why they have To trade him
  9. Hi guys seems we are a couple of losses away by Orlando tanking Coach Clifford even said next games will tell if Orlando will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline... if they sell, there's no need to say that Vucevic will be moved (expiring contract and no interest to resign him) Last call for you owners: SELL HIGH !!!! Right now and free Bamba asap
  10. wow Dinwiddie is better than Harden (44% fg , 37% 3fg, 5.6 turnovers) are you sure you understand basketball? Russell was a beast and the leader of the Nets playoff hunt last month since Levert went down take a look at efficency in this period and count the january Dinwiddie's duds, or you like just the DLo ones?