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  1. Dante Pettis last three games:- Week 3: 38% snaps, 14 routes ran, 5 tgt- Week 4: 63% snaps, 20 routes ran, 3 tgt- Week 5: 71% snaps, 25 routes ran, 6 tgt He's also already had his bye week as well.
  2. So your draft position dictates your finishing position? s--- someone tell that to Juju and DJ Chark.
  3. All I see are Jones owners who don't own Williams or Williams owners who don't own Jones in this thread.
  4. Still feel like there's upside here, but who knows.
  5. Confusing they spent a 3rd round pick on a guy they never use.
  6. Guys I know every lotto number for every lottery drawn. Thing is I can only give you them after they draw the lottery. Hit me up. I'll give you some tips.
  7. It was a 4th down end of half situation. There was literally no risk for going all out and risking ball security in the situation to try and extend the ball to score.
  8. I mean little early to proclaim a fantasy strategy is dead right? Typically 0 RB gets stronger through the year where more injuries are accumulated. It's always easy to say xyz WR went off and that's why you don't draft them, but look at start percentages for those guys. DJ Chark 29% started Will Fullers 30% started Sanders 44% started Hindsight is a beautiful thing.
  9. Another good game. Most receiving yards this season. Dude's an amazing waiver wire TE.
  10. Probably when he proposed to a kicking net.
  11. I mean he was supposedly hurt all week leading up to the Falcons game and went 16/74 and a TD. The Chiefs give up 5.8 YPC. Colts know they need to keep the Chiefs offense off the field. He'll be fine. Bet he gets limited work in today.
  12. Mack will be fine. This is a rest day for a bell cow. Reich already stated he was medically cleared to come back into the game Sunday.