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  1. Because safeties and RBs are exactly the same and RBs aren't a fungible asset like every GM and owner has continued to showcase by moving away from single back systems to two back systems.
  2. Think it depends on how he shows up in camp. I'll jump on him in the 2nd round without hesitation as long as he seems prepared. He's a great football player.
  3. Because risk doesn't cross the threshold in most folks minds. People mostly think of the best outcomes, but rarely account for negatives. There's a 1/77 chance I'm getting in a car crash, but I'll never actually think I'm going to be that 1.
  4. There's a 5th option. Sign the tag, get injured, and never sniff a guaranteed deal as close as you just got.
  5. What if he had gotten severely injured? The what if game works both ways.
  6. He has 3 years left on his deal. The Steelers already have shown that if they own player control of someone they will keep them locked up. If Brown refuses to play on his deal the Steelers can fine him and look to get back almost 12 million dollars of signing bonus. Don't think he's going anywhere at this point.
  7. I mean Steelers have only won the division 3 out of the last 5 so ya real games I'd say so.
  8. Since when is winning and want to do something for yourself mutually exclusive? I've never understand why a guy can't want to win while simultaneously get paid or move on from an organization he feels isn't best for him?
  9. You mean any organization that wants to win games? Ya hilarious.
  10. N'Keal Harry would look great in an Indy jersey.
  11. Watching the playoffs. "I will not be fooled... I will not be fooled... I will not be fooled..." Late 3rd early 4th rolls around next year. "I'll take Sony."
  12. You know you can make charts with a secondary axis. Kind of thing it's used for.
  13. I never said there was a sudden decline? I've always maintained he's an average receiver who had 1 truly remarkable year.
  14. He's had a down year for the last 5 years but not being able to stay on the field which is kind of important in being capable of producing then there's the whole when he is on the field he doesn't produce. 2013 was an outlier not the normal. Notice I said nothing about TDs either. TDs are flukey. He's averaged 3.72 catches per game and 60 yards per game in every year except for 2013.