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  1. You missed the point. You said LeBron would run the offence less because of Lonzo Ball. But the numbers per 36 disagree. Meaning that in the minutes he played, he didn't run the offence any less, in fact he ran the offence more. You didn't say he would take a hit fantasy wise because of minutes. You said it was because LeBron would handle the ball less, which he didn't. Therefore you were wrong. All the confused reactions were for guys like you who kept harping on the same point over and over again. It's time to move on because you were as wrong as anyone.
  2. Huh? So now "running the offense" simply means assists per game? Moving goal posts, I see. Funny though, because you were still VERY wrong: Last season, LeBron averaged the second highest assists per 36 minutes figure of his entire career. Not only that, but he also scored more points per 36 minutes than in any of his other seasons. But yeah, you were right 🤣. The fact of the matter is, you were so off-base about Siakam and LeBron that you just look silly for calling others out (over and over and over and over and over again, mind you). So after reviewing what you've said about Siakam and LeBron (and who knows who else), this is my message to you:
  3. Good point. You were on the money about Siakam last year: Nearly a month into the season you made an even sharper post: Clearly your opinion on Siakam matters more than say, @Jake the snake's, who foolishly picked Siakam to start, breakout, win MIP, and (almost) become an All-Star. Oh wait... And just for fun, here is another gem: This dude really predicted/assumed that Lonzo f****n Ball was gonna be the reason that one of the game's GOATs, LeBron, runs the offence less 🤣. Then has the audacity to question other people's basketball knowledge. LeBron went onto to post a usage rate that was higher than all but 2 of his seasons ('12 and '15) in the last 9 years.
  4. You took my advice! Sucks that Kawhi left Toronto, but I'm just happy it wasn't for the Lakers. He ended up getting exactly what he wanted - be back home while being the best player on a contending team. Can't be mad at that. This team's defence will be nuts, can't wait to watch them play.
  5. Concretely, this is what they mean, every time: Doubtful = 23.826% of playing Questionable = 45.621% Probable = 77.174%
  6. The trade deadline is before ASB. Also, them waiting that long likely means the offers won't be as good as now (2 month rental vs. full season rental).
  7. Great post, hit the nail on the head. Adding to what you said about this team feeling different, I agree. Never have I seen a team so confident in their game plan of wearing an opponent down. They are confident every time that no one can keep up with them over 48 minutes, over a 7 game series. Time and time again, they are proven right. This team plays the game within the game better than any team I've ever seen. Credit a lot of that to Kerr and his experience with the Bulls teams. He's seen every situation. I also agree that the Warriors didn't play up to their ability these playoffs. They had a bunch of injuries and Steph had basically missed 6 weeks of action before being thrown into playoff basketball. It took a while for the team to get the rhythm back, but it wasn't all the way back IMO. It's no surprise that the Warriors were the best 3rd quarter team is history. Sure some of it is because of complacency in the first half, but a lot of it is them just outlasting other teams. Their style of play makes you work on both ends with consistent player and ball movement on offense, and forcing teams to ISO more than they'd like on the other end with all their switching on defense. Talent goes a long way in trying to build a strong team. But throwing talent together doesn't guarantee anything. We've seen plenty of stacked teams just not work because of many factors. Fit has to be there, and everyone has to be willing to sacrifice (to different degrees). None of this works if Steph says "this is my team, we don't need KD", or Klay says "I don't want to be a third option". You have to give credit to great players who are willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the team. These guys truly value winning and their actions show that. I can't think of another team who was this good (or close to it) that was this unselfish from top to bottom, it's just so rare.
  8. Rondo shot 27.7% from corner 3s in the regular season. (source: https://stats.nba.com/players/shooting/?Season=2017-18&SeasonType=Regular Season&DistanceRange=By Zone&PerMode=Totals&TeamID=1610612740&sort=Left Corner 3 FGA&dir=1)