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  1. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    I'm talking about Smauels as an RB. Dude looks like he can do a little bit of everything like Conner did. I didn't get to watch the game last night, but it sounds like he didn't do too bad. Is he worth cuffing for Conner owners, assuming Bell is out of the picture all together?
  2. Top RB Handcuffs/Lottery Tickets

    Why do you think Ridley over Jaylen Samuels? Ridley was inactive last week and Samuels got a few plays. Not saying you're wrong, but hoping for an explanation of why you think Ridley.
  3. Assistance with trade veto

    Fair trade. Meets the needs of each team. Let owners manage their own team.
  4. Dynasty Trade Help! Rodgers. WHIR

    Weeks 13-16 are our playoffs; 1st round 13 and 14, round 2 15 and 16; Rodgers: ARI, ATL, CHI, NYJ Rivers: PIT, CIN, KC, BAL Newton: TB, CLE, NO, ATL Rodgers tourched CHI and I don't think NYJ is that great. The guy who has Newton is my main competition and will likely not trade with me. I don't really want to make him better either since Cam is his backup QB with Mahomes his starter.
  5. Dynasty Trade Help! Rodgers. WHIR

    I appreciate the help. You are not wrong. This dynasty football league is very difficult to trade in. I want Rodgers to make sure I get to the championship (ARI and ATL week 13 and 14, our first round of the playoffs). Incredibly I have never won this league and have a tough time relying on Cousins to take me to the holy land. I'm gonna up the offer to include Corey Davis. This would give the rebuilding owner a solid QB and youth to hopefully build around and not lose really anything. Davis won't ever crack my flex unless a lot of injuries go down.
  6. Kenan Allen for Fournette?

    CMC was my first thought on targeting. It's probably just me but if Fournette is your only viable target you might just sit tight. Yeldon will have value again, lol.
  7. Dynasty Trade Help! Rodgers. WHIR

    Is it even a good idea to trade for Rodgers? Does adding Corey Davis change anything in a dynasty offer?
  8. Dynasty Trade Help! Rodgers. WHIR

    What would you offer?
  9. Kenan Allen for Fournette?

    I'd try for someone a little more reliable. Not sure how many WR's you need, but up it with Sanders and go get a big name. Fournette scares me with the injuries. I'm pretty sure he'll re-aggravate something all season. Help me?
  10. Who Do I Drop? Whir

    Easy to drop either TE. Would drop McDonald first. For replacement QB, just go with best matchup. Thats all you can do. Help me?
  11. QB - Goff RB - Barkley RB - Conner WR - A Cooper WR - Tyreek TE - Kittle FLEX - CMC FLEX - Mack DST - FA Streamer
  12. Trade for A.J. Green? WHIR!

    You have the depth to make a lowball offer. If he needs the help maybe he takes it. It would set you up nice for the playoffs with OBJ/AJ combo and those RBs. Good luck. Help me?
  13. Duke for me as well. Raiders are going into tank mode and I would have 0 faith in ever starting a Raider again this season. Help me?
  14. Mahomes Trade? WHIR

    I think you should sit tight. Keep grinding and use a bench slot to rotate TE's with good matchups till someone emerges. Kelce and Ertz are great, but do not make up for what edge Mahomes has been giving, in my opinion. Help me?
  15. Waiver Wire Help WHIR

    I'd drop Moore for Duke, MVS, Davis (in that order). Help me?