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  1. Paddack has to be held down for a year of control right?
  2. Hampson with speed sure does put a damper on McMahon's excitement. Just hard to see McMahon getting the job when Hampson is doing everything as well as McMahon but beating him out in the speed category.
  3. Could easily be Bird locked in at Voit's spot or Brid could be DH instead. All depends on how he looks this spring and how Voit or Bird start the regular season. I feel like both will have a short leash and will be mixed in depending on performance/team needs during the season.
  4. Does anyone have info on his specific pitch mix? I haven't been able to watch him pitch yet. edit: http://www.brooksbaseball.net/landing.php?player=621381 For those that have seen him throw, is this report accurate compared to what you're seeing this spring?
  5. Anyone seen his stuff this spring? Any reports on how hard he's throwing?
  6. IMO, any injury to the current Houston pitchers are irrelevant in regard to Whitley. He is a mid-summer callup at the earliest. They'll want to monitor his innings and make sure he isn't developing bad habits in the first half. They'll save him for the second half or later to bolster the staff.
  7. On the pitching side of things, Nate Pearson.
  8. Yeah, if one can mash LH pitching and the other can mash RH pitching. Would be great to use late in games to pinch hit.
  9. Why couldn't they platoon? Bird is LH and Voit is RH right? Seems like one area of the field that NYY could easily do this.
  10. Do you have any info on his specific pitches/types? Do you know how hard he was throwing? Was he providing multiple off-speed offerings? Thanks for sharing George.
  11. Lineup spot does little for me to be able to evaluate his gains as an actual player in regard to his AVG/OBP concerns.
  12. Tatis callup has three factors to it for me: 1. His performance forcing their hand and proving he belongs. 2. How the early season goes with the SP's. If the team is doing well they may call him up to give them even more of an edge to continue the good start. Looking to buy an arm or two through trade as well as calling up some of the specs. 3. If Urias or Kinsler flop and the team is somehow winning games. They'll bring him up to help fix that situation and continue to compete.
  13. Will ST be able to tell us anything about him? I know it's foolish to rely on ST stats. Could we actually watch him play and look at the quality of his ABs and take that as a good sign? Since his AVG./OBP. is the problem how are we to use ST work to evaluate for the season?