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  1. Yoan Moncada 2018 Outlook

    Is it time to sell for what you can get?
  2. 2018 Dynasty IDP Rookie Draft

    Interesting to see Sony out of the top 4.
  3. Hunt or Barkley? WHIR!!!

    Barkley for me as well.
  4. Hyde and Chubb weren't there last year. It's crowded now and I'm certain Duke isn't going to get as much work as he did last season. I understand that Hyde and Chubb aren't exactly pass catchers, but I think they'll get some passing down work eating into Duke's already small workload, making him even less desirable. Ask yourself this question; Am I ever going to actually start Duke Johnson? I can tell you, without catastrophic injury, that the answer is going to be no 99% of the time.
  5. I'd go Freeman. Who knows what Hunt is going to do? He could be the beast or the flop. Barkley and Penny are no guarantees. If you can carry all to RB's keep stocking them. If the majority of them pan out they will hold greater trade value in season to get a better WR than Ridley if need be.
  6. Who to target at pick 2.04? WHIR

    I agree go Burton. You have good QB options and I assume there aren't any great QB options available. The young guys rarely succeed early. I'd only look at the young QB's when all the good options are gone. Since Burton is still a good option nab him.
  7. Willy Adames - SS TB

    Do the minor league players have a say in the collective bargaining agreement? Assumption here, but the Super 2 is protecting older players that I assume have a majority of the say in the Player's Association. I agree that its a problem, but I can easily believe why it's not being addressed by the Player's association.
  8. Duke Johnson would be my 6th drop. That backfield just got crowded and I'm not sure he will have much of a role other than limited passing work. Can't believe Barkley didn't get picked #1. I personally like Sony Michel and think NE will get him a lot of work. I normally avoid the NE situation, but think they might actually flip the script for him. I haven't dug deep into the new RB's yet, but seems like there are about 4 guys you could go with there.
  9. Dynasty Trade Offer. WHIR!

    Would be nice to know what players you currently have as keepers. With the top 200 players being kept its all about how you value rookies. Do you think there will be a rookie that's comparable to Baldwin available at #7? I tend to think that Baldwin is a little better than what will be available at #7 and would shoot for at least a top 4 pick in return. Help me?
  10. Dynasty League (keep everyone forever, no restrictions), H2H, 10 team, 5 round - best available draft (to restock) Guy with the #2 pick overall has interest in Julio. We have a custom roster, 1 position for all the major spots, with 4 flex spots to let owners get creative. I'm listing his team and mine below. The number in parenthesis is the number of starting spots we have on the starting roster. Mine: QB(1)- Cousins RB(1)- Bell WR(1)- Beckham Jr. TE(1)- Jordan Reed FLEX (4)- Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, Alvin Kamara, Josh Gordon D/ST- Jaguars, Chargers Bench- Alex Collins, Jerick McKinnon, Tevin Coleman, Jamaal Williams, James Conner, Corey Davis, Kelvin Benjamin, Eric Ebron His: QB (1) - Russell Wilson RB (1) - David Johnson WR (1) - Tate TE (1) - Jimmy Graham Flex (4) - Hyde, Mixon, Jeffery, Kupp Bench - Stewart, Tarik Cohen, Alfred Morris, Woodhead, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kearse, Lockett, Moncrief, Goodwin, Witten If I were to ask for Mixon and his #2 would I be asking too much in return for Julio? This would leave me with OBJ, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Kelvin. That would stockpile RB's for me for the next few years letting me shop Bell next year before he declines, and recover if need be on WR.
  11. DJ & Julio Trade Help. WHIR

    1) His team : QB (1) - Russell Wilson, Jimmy Garoppolo RB (1) - David Johnson, Stewart, Tarik Cohen, Alfred Morris, Woodhead WR (1) - Tate, Kearse, Lockett, Moncrief, Goodwin TE (1) - Jimmy Graham, Witten Flex (4) - Hyde, Mixon, Jeffery, Kupp The number in the parenthesis is the number of roster spots that we have. So we really are only limited to needing 1 great player for each position and then can mix and match with the 4 flex spots. 4) What players would you blow out? I'm trying to include some of them in the trade to get rid of them, like Kelvin and Jamaal Williams 5) I'd like to trade for Kelce. Would you offer Julio and call it good on a straight swap or would I need to include more? His team: QB (1) - Luck, Alex Smith RB (1) - Dalvin Cook, Jay Ajayi, Javorius Allen WR (1) - Mike Evans, Sterling Shepard, Will Fuller V, Martavis Bryant, DeVante Parker TE (1) - Kelce, Kroft Flex (4) - Lamar Miller, Kenyan Drake, Jarvis Landry, Michael Crabtree
  12. DJ & Julio Trade Help. WHIR

    No, I've already offered him just as good. He came back at me with Julio, Kamara, Collins.
  13. DJ & Julio Trade Help. WHIR

    I don't have a pick till the third round. 8th pick in the 3rd. I traded my first and second trying to win last season getting Collins and Corey Davis. I've never won my league...and its starting to hurt (8 years). My thought was to try to move on from Julio before its too late. I'm getting sick of his low scoring weeks. I think he might be a big reason I fall flat in the playoffs.
  14. Brandin Cooks for Jeffery

    I'd sit tight with Alshon. Cooks might go to fill in the position Watkins played and will drive you crazy with the boom or bust. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702326-dj-julio-trade-help-whir/
  15. DJ & Julio Trade Help. WHIR

    See above post