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  1. All of which has nothing to do with his actual skill set. The question is about the player, not his situation.
  2. I'm trying to ask intelligent people in here if he has any flaws in his game. If there are flaws I'd like to know about them.
  3. I understand draft position isn't the most important thing, but this kid should have been hyped in fantasy circles if he has this kind of speed and quickness and route running. I'm mostly just wondering how this guy could have slipped through and if there are any major flaws to his game to warrant him being an unknown.
  4. Why wasn't McLaurin a higher draft pick and basically a no-name in fantasy circles before week 1? He's got ok size, great speed, went to a big college to continue the hype. Why wasn't he valued higher during the preseason?
  5. Montgomery over Kirk easy. I agree with the other poster, to move him up into your RB slot so you have more flexibility if something happens during the week for your flex spot. Murray is gonna have to prove it in a real game for me before I start AZ WR's. It's also almost guaranteed (barring injury) that Montgomery will get more touches the first game. Go with the opportunity here.
  6. CMC, he's just more involved it seems. Definite coin flip, but sometimes in the biggest moments Kamara is on the sidelines. That was the case last year, hopefully NO has wised up and doesn't let that happen again with Murray like it did with Ingram. Tough call, but luckily I don't think there is a wrong answer here. Help me?
  7. Any reasonable ideas to adjust it to make it happen? Do you see anything that I could offer to not kill me?
  8. Ekeler is the primary RB for LAV Hyde is the primary RB for HOU The other guys are playing the passing down role and have less opportunity. I've also never been a Duke Johnson guy. Isn't Hyde going to get the early down work?
  9. Jones for me as well. If it were a PPR league I could see the appeal for Dede, but it would still be Jones. Help me?
  10. Well he might decline since he has the better side of both backfields? Help me?
  11. Maybe I'm higher on Michel than most, but in a full ppr Allen is top 10 option along with McCaffery and I think Sony with his TD's makes up the difference. What would you propose instead of what I have listed?
  12. Actually I'm gonna flip the script here. Didn't look at matchups prior to original post. I'm gonna guess DEN is terrible against the run again this year. They don't have any depth on defense and could get worn out. Go with Jacobs. Don't like going up against CHI in the first game and I'm not sold on David being "the guy" for the Bears until I see it. Have a feeling Cohen will be more involved than they are talking about.
  13. Tough spot. I'd go with Chubb as well I think. For the simple fact that he is younger and might have a better chance of holding up for the full season. Really tough call here though and I don't think DJ will disappoint as much as people think this season. Help me?
  14. If you have the depth to do it sure. Hard to trade for a guy that might give you 0 points. For perspective in my dynasty league last year I traded Bell away for Sony and a 1st round pick. I didn't like waiting on Bell. Help me?
  15. Interesting. This is tough. I'd say go with Dede. We know the Chiefs are gonna score and the JAGS will have to try to keep up. Couldn't blame anyone for picking the other way. Help me?