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  1. Guys a Twitter legend, but anyone picking him up?
  2. OBJ watch smh.. Good one here tonight.
  3. Seems like he’s slowly being unleashed.
  4. Yeah, looks like #1 for Jags. Would like to see 1 more week, just not enough time.
  5. Yes situation is ideal, but we can’t expect DD touchdowns and Henry doesn’t look like it’s season ending. MWill was hurt all of 2017, so does have some history. Holding 4-6 seems unrealistic if he cant suit up.
  6. This is true, but I don’t see them starting Hill unfortunately.
  7. No, too much to drop!! If given 15+ touches, we’re looking at an RB2. People should be looking to “buy.”
  8. Debo looking like a beast, Kittle's targets hopefully won't decline too much.
  9. No, people were always worried, without the threat of AB as your #1, how will Juju do when cast into that spot. AB may be crazy, but he's a beast.
  10. Time and again reports surface about AB acting/thinking in a "disturbed," manner. I'd sell for a WR2/RB2 if you're able. I'd be real surprised if he stays on the field.