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  1. 9 Super bowls is something that will never be seen again. You have to have luck and great coaching, players. I'm wondering if Brady retires if the Pats pull it off for a 6th ring. You'd think teams would stop the run, and make 41 year old Brady beat them, but they just can stop that rushing attack. Pats always have good O/D lines, which always gives you a chance to win it all.
  2. Not a Saints fan, but the missed PI/Defense less receiver no call will go down in history as the worst non call of all time. That should be called 100/100 times, truly robbing NO of a Super Bowl berth.
  3. I won by .2! MGlll, D. Williams, White, Julio, Diggs, Kittle.
  4. Melvin Gordon, Alex Collins, Marshawn Lynch, Bilial Powell, A. Jones, All were drafted. One of those years. 11-2, top total points somehow.
  5. Geez, playing him would be painful, but so many injuries..πŸ˜‚