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  1. Chriss has started to turn things around but the eventual return of Love and Thompson is going to affect his playing time.
  2. He doesn't heal fast and with the suns playing for ping pong balls this season, there's no reason to rush him back.
  3. I feel really bad for not being patient with Isaac. Definitely a target in my team next season.
  4. Thought he's gonna improve his ft shooting this season. Never again Ben!
  5. Marquese Chriss has been great since his first game with the cavs and could play 5 and 4 spots. I think he will impact Larry's playing time.
  6. What a pickup from the waiver wire in my league.
  7. Nice line in the first half against Knicks. Time to pick him up?
  8. Added him as well. Now let's see if he can follow up his first game as a Clipper with another decent line.
  9. I dropped Prince as well and picked up Olynyk. He's just disappointing since he returned from injury.
  10. Here's hoping for Powell to carve out enough minutes in the rotation now that DJ is again.
  11. Ouch! Was hoping for Warren to provide a much needed help to my team today but that didn't happen unfortunately.
  12. It's already 2019 and still a lot of folks here got stuck in denial stage.
  13. DSJ is just disappointing. His numbers don't look good when he's healthy and playing along wth Luka.
  14. Dropped for Vanvleet as I'm in a very tough spot in our league.