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  1. Can Yahoo at least put INJ tag for DSJ? It has been 4 straight games since he was out.
  2. They got obliterated last game so it's hard to read his minutes in that one (with Portis back ). Holding for now and see how he does in their next game.
  3. Hoping for a bounce back game against the Spurs.
  4. How long Lou Williams is gonna be out? Shai would get plenty of minutes without him.
  5. Another monster line. Could this be the last? Dipo may play next game.
  6. Ballin' against the Sixers. Worth a pick up in 16 team league? Him and Austin Rivers are still available in our league.
  7. When Ariza is gone, his numbers should go up. Now let's just hope he's going to be healthy from here on.
  8. Same here. Was about to drop him for Richaun Holmes.
  9. what a line for the kid against hornets. could this be the start?
  10. He'll continue to produce as Suns would be crashed by opposing teams more often this season which would translate to more garbage time for Holmes.
  11. Already did in a 14 team league. He played more minutes than Hassan against Orlando.
  12. Monster line against Bulls. Here's hoping Dipo will just focus on his recordings and never come back. LOL
  13. When Portis is back, this could be a messy situation
  14. That could be the case as he was really struggling while Dipo was playing. Look at his numbers now without Dipo.
  15. I picked up Jeremy Lin (who is injury prone as well).
  16. Posted some serviceable numbers with 3 threes in each of his last 2 games. Time to scoop him I think.