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  1. Thanks to additional garbage time. Homie was racking up some solid stats against Lakers.
  2. He's quietly putting up defensive stats on limited minutes.
  3. Okobo is ballin' against Clippers. More minutes could be coming his way with the departure of Canaan. Added him in a 16 team league (him and Frazier).
  4. Added him in a 16 team league. No doubt he's going to produce given the minutes especially in assist category.
  5. I also picked him up to bolster mainly my assists with occasional 3s, points and steals.
  6. Jabari just kept on ballin' amidst all the destruction.
  7. The blocks aren't there yet but i'm expecting them to come as he gets back to speed.
  8. I dropped James Johnson for Trier. I think Trier has the better ROS between these two.
  9. His numbers are actually up without Oladipo. Those numbers are the reason why we drafted him in 3rd-4th rounds.
  10. For some reason, he's not getting consistent minutes. Come on coach! You have both the same name.
  11. Worthy of stash if you have an IR spot. A big who can contribute on threes and blocks is hard to come by.
  12. The exact definition of instant offence off the bench.
  13. Dropped Cedi Osman for Nance. Let's see if I made the right decision after a handful of games.
  14. And they somehow criticise me for telling them exact same thing.
  15. Hello fellow Rookie. Welcome to the forum! Enjoy posting here