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  1. Coming from someone who missed out on him. LOL
  2. Solid stats coming from a guy I picked up from the waiver yesterday
  3. He's really not interested to fight for rebounds. The exact opposite of Sabonis.
  4. He will stick with the starting lineup as per his coach. That's a positive sign for his outlook.
  5. I just want to quote myself after 18 games of the season. A lot of posters actually criticised my decision when I posted this. LOL
  6. He was producing serviceable numbers in his previous games
  7. Also looking for updates on his potential return date.
  8. Hoping he would be able to build off from his 19 pt game against Portland.
  9. Primary beneficiary of Valentine's absence. So frustrated as I was not able to scoop him. Currently ranked top 20 in yahoo for his popcorn stats.
  10. I just scooped him up in a 14 team league. No clear competition for minutes especially at the 4 spot.
  11. Wade is going to be back but Dragic might be out for some time which would provide path to minutes for Tyler Johnson.
  12. I already moved on from White since his last dud. Hard to trust him (a rookie) who's playing in a Spurs system.
  13. Sometimes the hardest part is acceptance. lol
  14. His line is looking good against GSW. Time to pick him up?
  15. Murray isn't a point guard. He's more of a shooting guard. Malone may just want to see who's the better guard to run with the starters I guess.