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  1. Picked him up in a 12 team league. Hoping he's going to produce again tomorrow after missing 1.5 games.
  2. Nance is exclusively a 5 in the past games. His path to minutes is dependent on Tristan's.
  3. The minutes are still there and the best part is he still contributing on steals department even on a night when his shots are not falling. Another take away from the past games is that coach still doesn't give Nance minutes at the 4 which is great news for Dicker's path to minutes.
  4. What a bum! Sabonis is the real deal in Pacers, next to Dipo.
  5. The thing is Corey Joseph is also taking away his minutes and been playing much better than Evans.
  6. taking a flyer on dicker. he's a definition of a hustle player, stretch 4, doesn't need the ball in his hands to produce and can hit 3s.
  7. Ingram already has INJ tag when he's only out for 4 games and the best part is that he is not injured AT ALL! What's wrong with these people working at Yahoo???
  8. Please support to get LeVert PG/SG positions in Yahoo by voting through the link below. You can also add some comments.
  9. Monster line for Allen against Drummond! Getting him over Turner was a great decision..
  10. Do you think Yahoo should provide Isaan the SF position? I think they should as he will be playing in both positions this year. Please support adding of SF to Isaac in Yahoo by providing your vote through this link -->
  11. Yahoo is taking too much time to add guard position to LeVert. I don't know where they based their position eligibility to players. ESPN and NBA indicates his position as SG but Yahoo considered him as SF. He should be a PG/SG as he also handles the ball at least 50% of the time when he's on the floor. Please support the addition of Guard position to LeVert by casting your vote guys through the link below:
  12. For those who wants Guard position eligibility for LeVert, please support by voting through the link below.
  13. Totally agree with you man. LeVert is better than Clarkson in fantasy.
  14. Just improve the FT% and i'll be happy for my first round pick.
  15. I'm all on board for the LeVert train this coming season. Got him in my 2 leagues as my late round pick.
  16. Who would you take for the last pick - Aminu or Portis? Aminu would be competing for minutes with Harkless, Collins and Swanigan. Whereas Portis would compete with WCJ, Lopez and Lauri. I like Portis between the 2 coz he can play 4 and 5 positions. Aminu on the other hand is strictly a 4 in Portland's system.