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  1. Greg Zuerlein 2018 Outlook

    Not sure who is playing Monday night that week but you could hold him and then drop him if it's needed for one of the Monday night kickers, which is what I did with Tucker last week (somehow Gould was still available).
  2. David Njoku 2018 Outlook

    i wasn't aware of the weather in Cleveland but was already planning on sitting him in favor of Eifert (who is healthy for once).
  3. Nathan Peterman 2018 Outlook

    No one is expecting Tom Brady but in deep 2QB leagues he definitely has value. I’m in a 14 person 2QB league where people roster backups so getting him for free on waivers if not only to use as trade fodder is nice. He was clearly their best option in preseason. Does he keep the job all year? That’s a different story....
  4. Martavis Bryant 2018 Outlook

    What does that even mean?