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  1. Trade deadline for me was Nov 9th in all of my leagues so I can't even trade this trash can. Anyway, this guy is awful. He literally looked like an 80 year old man running the ball today and I'm not even exaggerating. It looks like he doesn't even try/care. He fell to #12 to me in the draft and I felt very grateful at the time. Smh. Nightmare
  2. Not sure if it's been reported or mentioned in this thread but I have a buddy who works within the 49ers org who told me he seen Kittle in a walking boot on Monday. Not good.
  3. Never drafting this man again unless he falls to the 3rd round next year. What a headache.
  4. Another nightmare match up next week. EZ sit for me. After the bye he's never going on my bench again. He abused Rhodes several times. Kid is such a savage. Live to fight another day, boys. At least there wasn't a goose egg.
  5. Houston would be great. They desperately need a solid 3 down workhorse.
  6. Kamara will be active, play behind Murray and only get a few snaps. Taysom hill will act as 3rd string RB in an emergency. Book it
  7. Who even needs a big toe? Overrated body part
  8. Fewest yards before contact per carry: 1. Derrick Henry - 0.9 t2. Adrian Peterson - 1.0 t2. Le'Veon Bell - 1.0 4. James Conner - 1.1 t5. Kerryon Johnson - 1.2 t5. Leonard Fournette - 1.2 What's going on? Is he just bad? I haven't watched much tape on the guy but his YPC is garbage. With that said.. ..I wanna buy low 👀
  9. I grabbed him in the 4th round so I'm not as invested as those that took him in the 2nd, but man...this is an ugly situation. 2 touches?!?!?! Benched for the time being.
  10. Only playing Flash because I'm forced to but the improved weather is encouraging. First time we've seen the Pats offense without Dorsett. Hoping that frees up some targets for JG. HELLO 2013
  11. Thought he was a must start this week but that weather looks brutal. Tom Brady's noodle going against wind isn't ideal. Seems like another Edelman/White kind of game. Smh
  12. Not sure if this has been pointed out in this thread but I just noticed MM hasn't thrown any picks yet. That's encouraging. In one league I have Cam Newton and Drew Brees. Basically being forced to start him. Hoping for a decent game and some rushing yards. 🙏🙏🙏
  13. Have a trade on the table for him. Concerned about re-injury though. John Ross just got placed on IR for the same injury. One tackle could do it again. Where the roto doctors at?