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  1. Hopefully next week Hyde can run up the middle like the Colts did last night against the Chiefs. Easy 100+ yards
  2. This is a pretty even trade in my eyes, but I think Guice could be a difference maker late in the season "if he stays healthy"
  3. Gotta keep Mixon. No need to deal with a weekly Nagy Bears headache.
  4. Who comes back first? Coleman or Guice?
  5. Scary Terry ROS, impressive debut. No receive on the Redskins can hold a candle to Terry.
  6. Cam/Gurley/Thomas Cam (Forget last week) < Ryan (Slightly favored) Thomas > AB Hurley > AJ
  7. Post links....... Standard Scoring and will have the #1 waiver for tomorrow. 6 Bench Spots, no IR slot. Roster (Bold are my projected starters for week 2) QB: Goff, Newton RB: Conner, Ker. Johnson, Hyde, Guice (Inj), Ballage WR: K Allen, R. Anderson, C. Godwin, T. Williams, T. Hill (Inj), A. Green (Inj) TE: Howard I'm thinking about dropping Ballage, but who is worth picking up in the waiver? I would like to upgrade my sorry RB core. Available Players: RB: T. Coleman (INJ & dropped already), C. Thompson, G. Bernard, R. Mostert, R. Bulkhead, Ito Smith WR: Marquise Brown, J. Ross, T. McLaurin Thanks!
  8. So it begins.... sidelined with a calf injury.
  9. Thanks for your our help on mine. Overall a solid squad, but there’s is concern for injury with Cook and Fournette. Cooper/Dak stack could be risky or golden. Good luck
  10. Solid Draft for 10th overall. I like the Johnson RB combo and Samuel is in for a great season.