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  1. This guy is unreal
  2. bunch of salty non owners in this thread
  3. Admittedly I haven't been following college QBs but how did a guy with 1 year as a starter get drafted 2nd overall?
  4. Goodell sure got out of there quick
  5. You're on a fantasy football forum though
  6. Jesus christ if he was going for the worst team possible he did amazing
  7. if you take away most of his games he's only averaging like 10 points per game
  8. The second (5th or 6th?) coming of Christine Micheal is at hand
  9. I still can't believe they drafted a kicker in the 2nd round
  10. Cardinals continued to suck and johnson couldn't carry them on his back again this week
  11. They suspended Brady because they suspected he did something lol