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  1. He could have even been abducted by aliens for all we know.
  2. I'm not some kind of Fitz truther but is Winston really the future of this franchise? I'd say neither of them are which leads me to believe they'll start whoever's getting it done right now.
  3. The ACL tear is real. That twitter quote is not Ian Rapoport's real account.
  4. I'm doing this. Hate Thursday night football when players are healthy. Not interested when they're hurt. I'll probably be wrong and he'll score two TDs or something but whatever.
  5. It might not be just one position, but that position is a problem... This is stupid.
  6. So how much are we spending on Fitz assuming you're already streaming QBs?
  7. Am I crazy or is this the second time ESPN gamecast has shown a TD by Keenum and then taken it back to say "Penalty on OAK"? What's going on in this game.
  8. Pretty sure he came back out but didn't get the ball. More likely because they were winning than injury.
  9. even when someone else clearly lost them this game it's somehow Taylor's fault lol
  10. That's some bush league bull****. Rules like that shouldn't be changed midseason. Also on an unrelated note idk why everyone doesn't switch to auction waivers.
  11. Wish that would have happened at the end of the day though