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  1. Jake Bauers 2018 Outlook

    stole 20 last year in AAA and 10 this year before call up. 13 homers last year in AAA and 5 this year before call up. Looks like a 20/20 threat for sure to me in a full season. R and RBI will be a question mark because of the lineup.
  2. Willy Adames 2018 Outlook

    Looked good last night. Hopefully he can continue the momentum.
  3. Jake Bauers 2018 Outlook

    I do think his upside is pretty high in a points format. Lots of doubles. Good plate discipline in the minors.
  4. Chris Paddack - SP SD

    He's very legit. Best change-up in the minors.
  5. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    Either way, that's some bad luck. I'm not worried.
  6. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    Apparently rocking an .095 BABIP during this slump which is kind of crazy. Source:
  7. Fernando Tatis, Jr.- 3B/SS San Diego

    I know it isn’t his thread but Vlad will be an average defender at 3B imo. Lots of positive reports on his defense lately. At the worst, he moves to 1B.
  8. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    I lean Bichette just because I always prefer the hitter to the pitcher with prospects.
  9. ESPN adds 200 minor leaguers to leagues

    Bichette is there, fyi.
  10. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    This thread is a goldmine. Thanks for the info, everyone.
  11. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    It's certainly possible. The baseballs fly differently in the majors. I think he's 15-20 homers at peak which is plenty useful with his contact ability.
  12. Jaime Barria 2018 Outlook

    *raises hand* I like the guy. Solid most outings.
  13. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    If you're hating at this point, you're just splitting hairs. He has done nothing thus far in his major league career to deserve criticism.
  14. Chris Taylor 2018 Outlook

    hitting .259 with 23/16 K/BB in May. Starting to turn things around a bit.
  15. 2018 Rookie Draft Discussion

    You absolutely take the best player. My starters are DJ, Bell, and Kamara in a dynasty and I still drafted 3 rookie RBs. You can trade them for a lot more value if one pops than if you tried to hit on a rookie WR.