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  1. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    any power here? Don't see a high grade on the tool anywhere. 6 homers in ~300 PAs in the minors doesn't look that exciting. I admittedly don't know much about the kid.
  2. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    This is exactly why I'm trying to package him to upgrade one of my keeper spots. I think the hype is gonna be pretty crazy.
  3. De'Aaron Fox 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    How do we feel about this guy heading into next year? Just acquired him in a dynasty. I like his long term potential. Gotta feel like he's gonna work on his shot over the summer to try to be more consistent. 12 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds with a steal and 0.5 3pm seem like a reasonable expectation for 2018-19?
  4. Chris Stratton 2018 Outlook

    Good news is you most likely got him with your last pick or off the wire so if he starts struggling you don't have to be feel too bad about letting him go.
  5. Ken Giles 2018 Outlook

    If it goes another week like this, I can't keep holding. wasted roster spot.
  6. Chad Bettis 2017 Outlook

    95% Left on base 4.27 FIP 4.75 xFIP Mirage. Super glad he's back pitching after cancer, though. Great story.
  7. Chris Stratton 2018 Outlook

    His changeup appears to be working really well for him so far. Here's his pitch values per fangraphs. His changeup has been rapidly improving. 12 runs below average in 2016 to 3 runs above average in 2018. xFIP is 4.03 so maybe there's some regression coming but I think he's a guy you have to grab at this point.
  8. Jose Bautista 2018 Outlook

    can't believe they wouldn't just play acuna there
  9. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    Really like this guy. Seems to be making tangible improvements and he also gets to face the Marlins several more times lol
  10. Ken Giles 2018 Outlook

    What to do here? Anyone dropping yet?
  11. Ketel Marte 2018 Outlook

    As soon as Andrus hits the DL this is my guy.
  12. Jurickson Profar 2018 Outlook

    Andrus fractured his elbow too so he should get plenty of opportunities if he continues to hit.
  13. Max Kepler 2018 Outlook

    Surprised to see no thread on this guy. So far this year (small sample I know): .284 /.395 /.625 15% BB / 10% K Hit .152 against lefties last year as opposed to .272 against righties. 28 of his 32 at bats this year have been against a righty so there's a bit of a platoon issue right now. I've always liked his approach but if he's gonna be platooned probably only a deeper league/AL only guy. I've always liked his approach and he may have some value if he can improve against left handed pitching. Had 19 HRs and 6 steals in 568 PAs last year.
  14. Zero Percent Shares

    Sanchez at 17 is a bit absurd to me. Zero shares of that.
  15. Jose Pirela 2018 Outlook

    I got this guy late in almost every league. Hoping he gains more eligibility. If he's gonna play everyday at either LF or 2B that's gonna be nice.