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  1. My biggest concern is him getting platooned. Hopefully the Rangers let him develop against lefties and don't write him off (See Conforto, Michael). Hopefully he shows some improvement because I can see it happening again with the Rangers fancying themselves as contenders. How's he looking this spring? Haven't seen much.
  2. I know this isn't his thread but i watched many of Trevor Story's ABs last year and that dude fouls off so many pitches. I can remember at least 4 10+ pitch ABs. Gives me confidence in him improving as well. Hopefully Buxton can do the same.
  3. Think he's saying that moving Bird to 3rd would be terrible defensively for the pitching staff. I could be wrong though.
  4. RIP Henry Owens.
  5. Why does it matter? Rockies would be stupid to trade him. He's likely their 3B for the next 5-10 years. Such a silly argument to make.
  6. Interested to hear others thoughts on this kid as well. He's in keeper consideration for me.
  7. Kidd will probably play him sub 15 minutes next game.
  8. Willy doesn't have the shotblocking upside that Zubac does but for the time being I take Willy because he has a more guaranteed path to minutes. Don't ask me about long term dynasty because I'm a biased Lakers fan
  9. Cool story bro
  10. Add and trade
  11. Looking great so far
  12. Dude I'm completely aware that he is a flier. All I'm saying is predicting which Big other than Porzingis thag gets minutes has proven to be nearly impossible.
  13. Inb4 DNP-CD just sayin. Never know what this coach will do. Hard to trust.
  14. He was sick. Not traveling tomorrow per Hoiberg. Hopefully he can come back later in the week.
  15. Hard to complain about what this guy has done considering most of us got him for free off the waiver wire.