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  1. I would rather start DJ Chark over him at this point. He will at least get the ball thrown his way. And with Lattimore this week, he needs to prove to me that last week was a complete abberation.
  2. Evans is far from garbage. Winston is the biggest issue with him this year. Hes not startable right now, but nowhere near droppable.
  3. No panic here, he played a great DEF last night. These will happen. Worried about the team, not the player.
  4. Chark has 5 TD already. Not concerned he can find another 5. Baby Chark!!!!
  5. Is there anyway to confirm this? I need for watkins to not take the field for 1 snap
  6. did Watkins play a single snap before going out?
  7. Im getting really upset with Hopkins. He is a much better player than his fantasy numbers say. Frustrating so far. Should get better.
  8. what a complete waste of time. Winston is trash and only has eyes for Godwin.