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  1. 12 team ppr QB rodgers WR obj Adams sanders/Gordon RB Gurley, Carson Te sucks (knox/herndon) I've been extremely unlucky in all 3 leagues I'm in... Hate fantasy football this year. 😂
  2. Winston better matchup. Both coming off strong games. Rodgers vs dal Winston vs no No shutdown dal last week
  3. What the hell happened to him the last 2-3 possessions?
  4. It's Adams for fournette and Gordon regardless. Is it possible for real teams to make a similar trade? Absolutely
  5. Unique trade consideration in our league Basically its: We give fournette+josh Gordon for devonta Adams. But... He wants fournette this week and Adams has already played... So he wants us to trade him fournette for a draft pick in one trade... Then next week hell trade the pick and Adams back for Josh Gordon. I can see other league mates being pissy. Thoughts?
  6. Mckvay has been talkin this ish for a year now... People keep buying into it. It's just smoke and mirrors. Some games he might give Gurley 20+ others 9... Make opponents plan for Gurley and then use him as a decoy
  7. PPR, Dynasty. Team: Baker, Saquon, Leveon, J.Gordon, E.Sanders, Kelce, Shady, Singletary AJ Green IR
  8. Mayfield, Barkley, bell, J. Gordon, e. Sanders, kelce, shady, Singletary Are my starters this week. I have aj green Hopefully Ina few weeks
  9. Singletary is my flex... I have Barkley and bell as my 2rb... Shady as my bye week fill in. Trade Singletary for woods?
  10. Mjd has Gurley as the #1 RB in fantasy 😁
  11. Meh he's 31yrs old... Doubt he's going to keep any possible talent from passing him
  12. Right.. I don't think there's any doubt Duke is the guy to own. But it Taiwan #2?