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  1. Keller gave him a heater right down the middle and he whiffed for a k... Guys behind him had nothing to do with that
  2. Wish that Homer was a bomb but it was a fence scraper... Bout 340
  3. i'll throw him out there, my ERA's already screwed though
  4. 2h off kluber... Batting close to 400 past 7...albeit singles but hey... I'm 2016 he only hit 3hr in April... Went on to hit 38... I'd take a 2016 repeat gladly
  5. Was offered Harper for my Moncada + Blackmon?
  6. He looks clueless out there... Dropped a routine infield fly... Trash
  7. JAG... Graham is building more chemistry with Rodgers... MVS is more talented... Aaron Jones is gaining momentum... He'll have his games, but probably more of a WR3/flex most weeks.
  8. Considering trading my conner for his leveon. You guys make this trade in a keeper? Non ppr
  9. Standard league, 3 keepers... Do I trade conner for leveon? I have Mixon and David Johnson also.
  10. Lol... He's involved in the trade I'm sure he doesn't want to bend any rules that could have benefitted someone else another time.
  11. It says it will process tomorrow... But I don't want to put guys in and have it not go through until next week... But I also don't want to leave them out and still not go through until next week.
  12. Watson for me... I think he will get better and better as the year goes on. We've already seen his upside last season... Baker still unproven... And mariota jag... And tb week 10 sounds great
  13. I'm giving Ridley conner and Michel for obj in a 2x keeper league. Since Michel plays Thursday... Will the trade go through without a hitch or not take effect till next week? I imagine I have to leave Michel out of my lineup if I want any chance of using obj this week