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  1. I gotta pick two of these losers... What do you guys think?
  2. I like Hooper this week, with Julio drawing Patrick Peterson coverage
  3. Tye - Too many mouths to feed in NY. Eli has never produced stud tight ends.
  4. Matty Ice at home, Arizone been succeptible
  5. I'm going Ertz, GB Def is awful right now
  6. Williams, he's the #1 in a pass first offense. Thielen has had 6 or less targets
  7. Gurley @ NO Kelley @ DAL Booker vs KC
  8. Evans is just a decoy this game... obviously not 100% Doesn't seem to be running all his routes 100% speed
  9. Agreed with the terrible o-line run blocking. I think Cincinnati's offense is way too predictable also, not doing the o-line any favors. Dalton is awful, and should be changing the plays instead of running his guy right into these stacked boxes.
  10. No brainer for you... I'd much rather have Brady+Gordon side
  11. 3 keeper league, lose the round pick the player was drIvoryafted. Non-PPR, No Flex. Do I give Gurley and get Charles+Evans? Gurley 3rd Charles 10th Evans 1st The team: QB: Eli WR: OBJ (10th), Jordy (13th), T.Benjamin RB: Gurley, Michael TE: Reed BENCH: Howard, Foster, DWill, J.Brown, Cobb, Ivory, Pitta, Dixon
  12. I'll bite on this... How about LeSean McCoy and Brian Westbrook?
  13. Yeldon has a great matchup @SD and should see 20+ touches Ware has a tough matchup @HOU and will be sharing time with West Gurley, I'm definitely leaning against this guy vs SEA DeAngelo is my RB1 this week WHIR!
  14. WHIR, just leave a link
  15. Who do you like better in PPR this year? Mike Evans or TY?