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  1. If you're the Barkley owner do you make this deal? We can start 4 rb.
  2. 12 team ppr QB rodgers WR obj Adams sanders/Gordon RB Gurley, Carson Te sucks (knox/herndon) I've been extremely unlucky in all 3 leagues I'm in... Hate fantasy football this year. 😂
  3. Winston better matchup. Both coming off strong games. Rodgers vs dal Winston vs no No shutdown dal last week
  4. What the hell happened to him the last 2-3 possessions?
  5. It's Adams for fournette and Gordon regardless. Is it possible for real teams to make a similar trade? Absolutely
  6. Unique trade consideration in our league Basically its: We give fournette+josh Gordon for devonta Adams. But... He wants fournette this week and Adams has already played... So he wants us to trade him fournette for a draft pick in one trade... Then next week hell trade the pick and Adams back for Josh Gordon. I can see other league mates being pissy. Thoughts?
  7. Mckvay has been talkin this ish for a year now... People keep buying into it. It's just smoke and mirrors. Some games he might give Gurley 20+ others 9... Make opponents plan for Gurley and then use him as a decoy
  8. PPR, Dynasty. Team: Baker, Saquon, Leveon, J.Gordon, E.Sanders, Kelce, Shady, Singletary AJ Green IR
  9. Mayfield, Barkley, bell, J. Gordon, e. Sanders, kelce, shady, Singletary Are my starters this week. I have aj green Hopefully Ina few weeks
  10. Singletary is my flex... I have Barkley and bell as my 2rb... Shady as my bye week fill in. Trade Singletary for woods?
  11. Mjd has Gurley as the #1 RB in fantasy 😁
  12. Meh he's 31yrs old... Doubt he's going to keep any possible talent from passing him
  13. Right.. I don't think there's any doubt Duke is the guy to own. But it Taiwan #2?
  14. Taiwan Jones was in the next play. Mean anything?
  15. Less value really... Atleast before the injury he was getting some holds and saves
  16. Maybe buy low on glasnow? trade strahm+Montas... I don't see anyone giving up a lot for them. Keeper or no? Thanks for mine
  17. Seems like a no brainer but I'm struggling to give up the most dominant pitcher in the game when he's right. It's a 15x15 H2h league 10team 8 keepers daily My team C realmuto 1b Braun 2b moncada SS bregman 3b suarez Of springer Soto ozuna Util votto Villar marte wcalhoun rodgers Sp sale Kershaw Cole thor paddack strahm darvish marquez smith Ray Nelson heaney Rp treinen Yates Parker neris ... I'm undefeated, 13 game lead... Not sure if I mess with a big change. Guy only wants sale
  18. Keller gave him a heater right down the middle and he whiffed for a k... Guys behind him had nothing to do with that
  19. Wish that Homer was a bomb but it was a fence scraper... Bout 340
  20. i'll throw him out there, my ERA's already screwed though
  21. 2h off kluber... Batting close to 400 past 7...albeit singles but hey... I'm 2016 he only hit 3hr in April... Went on to hit 38... I'd take a 2016 repeat gladly