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  1. So glad I saw that update about a full workload, gave me the confidence to start this man. Rest of the season should be good
  2. I dropped this man so long ago lol, way too many serviceable RBs on waivers. Do yourself a favor and do it too. This guy didn’t even have a good game when he was in. Waste of a pick high draft pick
  3. Not a big volume guy, even with fitz. Thinking this matchup might be a good one to cash in on though, even if you have other options (Kittle in my situation)
  4. Sorry my guy, but you are reaching!
  5. Only 6 in leagues that take yardage into account.. they stay giving up a bunch of yards While washington got me 14. More than double that.
  6. Everyone is talking about Fitz as the QB streamer of the week, but I think I like Carr instead vs the niners on Thursday. Raiders offense should continue that impressive showing against a weak defense, no? If Carr can limit turnovers (like yesterday) he should be a nice streaming QB Might have more confidence in him than fitz vs Carolina, who just shut down Flacco
  7. Mccaffrey did it this week ( he scored on the ground and through the air vs. Bal). Not gunna be easy to be productive, but it’s definitely not out of the question
  8. Definitely not benching. Just not expecting too much. Volume is too much to ignore
  9. If the raiders revert, Richard is a lock for somewhere around 8 receptions a game so I’d have to disagree with that. Id like to be optimistic too being a day 1 raiders fan, but then again Ive learned what to expect
  10. I’d have to disagree. Maybe this week vs SF, but ROS outlook doesn’t look good with the state of the raiders also: it’s Doug Martin, not marshawn lynch
  11. Trust him vs Carolina? They just made Flacco look stupid
  12. Are y’all still confident with KC defense for the next two weeks?? Didn’t watch the game but again, gave up ton of yardage. I’d like to start them but not looking for more sub-10 point performances
  13. Even in standard scoring.. I see Martin as a dart throw
  14. Kudos? In PPR leagues Doug martin’s outlook isn’t looking too hot right now lol. Everyone, including experts, has said Richard is going to be a solid high-floor PPR flex. Idk where you saw people claiming him to be a superstar. Maybe one or 2 people in this thread calling him an RB1/RB2. in PPR it’s richard>Martin by a LONGSHOT