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  1. Long running re-draft league. 11 years at ESPN, moving to Fantrax this year. There are currently 2 spots available. Eight teams make the playoffs. Payout 200/100/60/40. Draft Oct 17 @ 8pm eastern time.
  2. Two teams are available. we are voting on the draft date now, sep 22 or sep 29. traditional roster spots and stats, including blocks for skaters. this is a yearly redraft league, been running for many years at espn moving to fantrax this year. payout will be 200/100/50 please don't join if you're not going to pay your entry at Leaguesafe. Thanks Lane
  3. League Settings Number of Teams 16 Roster 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 K, 1 DEF, 5 BN Playoffs 8 teams, starts week 14 Waiver Type Rolling Waivers Clear Waivers Tuesday - Waivers will clear end of Tuesday Waiver Time 2 Days - Players stay on the waivers for 2 days Trade Deadline Week 10 - Trades are not allowed after week 10 Injured Reserve Slots 4 Draft Pick Trading Allowed Yes Max Keepers 4 Scoring Settings Edit Scoring There are some non-standard scoring settings, we highlighted them in yellow Passing Passing Yards +0.04 per yard (25 yards = 1 point) Passing TD +4 2-Pt Conversion +2 Pass Intercepted -1 Rushing Rushing Yards +0.1 per yard (10 yards = 1 point) Rushing TD +6 2-Pt Conversion +2 Receiving Reception +0.50 Receiving Yards +0.1 per yard (10 yards = 1 point) Receiving TD +6 2-Pt Conversion +2 Kicking FG Made (0-19 yards) +3 FG Made (20-29 yards) +3 FG Made (30-39 yards) +3 FG Made (40-49 yards) +4 FG Made (50+ yards) +5 PAT Made +1 FG Missed -1 PAT Missed -1 Special Teams Player Special Teams TD +6 Special Teams Forced Fumble +1 Special Teams Fumble Recovery +1 Team Defense Defense TD +6 Points Allowed 0 +10 Points Allowed 1-6 +7 Points Allowed 7-13 +4 Points Allowed 14-20 +1 Points Allowed 28-34 -1 Points Allowed 35+ -4 Sacks +1 Interceptions +2 Fumble Recovery +2 Safety +2 Forced Fumble +1 Blocked Kick +2 Special Teams Defense Special Teams TD +6 Special Teams Forced Fumble +1 Special Teams Fumble Recovery +1 Misc Fumble -1 Fumble Lost
  4. Need an active manager to replace one who was not. You will be taking over a team in the AFC, so you can stay with the chargers or pick another name you like. Draft is Aug 25, keeper lock is Aug 22. Teams may keep from 0-4 players off of current rosters. This league is free but has been very competitive over the years. it was at espn before moving to Sleeper. When you join, select any keepers you want and i will put them on the draft board- you can make any changes you want or trade until august 22, 3 days before the draft. the team you are getting isn't loaded with keepable talent, but you do have joe mixon, you could trade him for picks, or keep 1 and begin drafting from available players early on. I'll be glad to answer any questions if needed
  5. espn is so pitiful. i was there just now for a few minutes trying to look at my baseball teams box scores. i finally gave up. does anyone understand what is going on with espn? they must be morons
  6. join link - 10 teams, $20 entry at Leaguesafe, winner take all. 2nd year. moving to Sleeper from ESPN. draft is set for Thursday, August 22 @ 7:00
  7. join link -
  8. take over inactive team - settings - 16 teams, 40 player rosters, 32 keepers, we have an 8-round draft each year
  9. we have 1 guy that dropped out at the last minute. other than that we are ready for the draft and play ball. 15 of 16 teams in place, just need 1