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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm leaning toward sitting. The points won't matter in the long run because the season ends tonight. I don't know these folks and there's $200 on the line. As unlikely as it is, it's the NFL and anything can happen. If I play them I feel like Denver will post a -4.
  2. Championship's on the line, Yahoo standard league, so if Oakland scores 35 it's -4.00 for Denver D/ST (assuming no sacks, int, fum, etc...). Eight times this season a D/ST has had -4.00 points for a week (CIN is the only team to have -4.00 twice). It hasn't happened since Week 11. Denver hasn't allowed 35 points in a game this season. Do I sit Denver and take the championship, assuming there are no stat corrections? EDIT: My team: Roethlisberger, Allen, Diggs, Gordon, J Williams, J Samuels*, D Johnson, G Zuerlein: 117.50 His team: Trubisky**, Hilton, Hill, Cohen, CJ Anderson, Howard, Engram, Butker, Chicago DST: 113.94 *TE eligible in Yahoo (weird, but I'll take it) ** Trubisky and Cohen had a weird lateral/fumble play that could result in a stat correction, but he's got both players involved in the turnover and I doubt it would result in +3 for him (it is currently scored as -2.00 for Trubisky)
  3. DJ. They will figure out a way to get him the ball.