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  1. Despite his stats today, Fuller to me is becoming a WR1, even elite level. You have to watch the game to look beyond the stats. He dropped 3 td's passes today. Also was targeted on deep multiple deep throws. Hopkins on the other side really helps Fuller, as he is left one on one multiple times.....and Watson is not afraid to throw to him deep on those occasions. I don't think I can leave him on the bench again. He has so much TD potential, especially long bombs. He can single handedly win you the week.
  2. Ok, I feel better now after drafting Conner. Thanks for the pick me upper. Yeesh, that's a brutal first 4 picks. Having said that, I still think that Tyreek and Adams will come through when it really counts later in the season.
  3. Exactly. Bridgewater targeted Thomas around 10 times. This after not having reps with the first team, and coming into a game after not playing for a season. After a week of practice, and in Sean Payton's offense, I believe Bridgewater will look to Thomas often again. I can't see Payton scheming away from his best players with a new QB. Also, keep in mind that Bridgewater is no rookie, he's been there before. I'll start any WR1 receiver in a Sean Payton offense regardless of the QB. Sure, it's a downgrade. But he'll probably still get 10+ targets, and will be the first option in the redzone.. That's all I ask.
  4. Brady always looks for match-ups, and will throw to the open receiver. In this sense, I believe Brown's addition can help Gordon. Brown will no doubt be given safety help on his side of this field. The one question we need to know is...….Will Gordon's snaps be fewer now that Brown is on board? Will it be the same amount of snaps? Do the Pats run 2 WR's set often? If so, who are the 2 WRs now that Brown has been added? If Gordon's snaps are not decreased with Brown's addition, then I think this can only be good for Gordon.
  5. If I recall correctly, he also played really well late in the season last year. I think he plays well in cold weather. He's a big powerful runner, and hard to tackle especially in cold weather. He's carrying a lot of fantasy teams to the championship!
  6. I have Chubb, and of course I'm rooting for a big day. But I also have a little trepidation starting Chubb because of the stats you posted. Denver's run defense was a sieve the first 6 weeks, but has been absolutely stellar afterwards. So yes, Chubb will be facing a tough challenge. But Chubb is a great runner who gets all the carries, especially goalline carries. So his floor is pretty high. This is why you have to start Chubb regardless of matchup. But make no mistake, it won't be a cakewalk against the Denver D. But he is still a must start because of his floor.
  7. It's certainly a conundrum to play players against your own defense. But in fantasy, you have to play your best players, regardless of matchup, unless you have other good options. I wouldn't sit Jones just because he's playing your defense. But maybe for peace of mind, perhaps you can pick up a streaming defense for this week. Maybe a one week rental with Atl, who has a great matchup against the cards. Buffalo, Tennessee, Washington are also good streaming defenses this week.
  8. I didn't watch the game, but my guess is that they were mainly dumpoffs wherein he was tackled immediately. Probably no catches downfield or running up the seam which he was great a couple of years ago. Just a dump fire of an offense. Avoid him if you can.
  9. Yeah, but that implies the niners have corners that can cover. As a close follower of the niners, all of the their corners are burnable, even Sherman. They don't have anything close to a shutdown corner.
  10. Yeah, but Barkley has OBJ, Shephard, Engram, and even an aging Eli who can still keep defenses honest. Those are far better weapons than DJ has now. If you give those weapons to DJ, I would take DJ in the first round again. Arizona's offense is simply void of talent, and DJ is suffering because of it.
  11. These so "experts" are ranking dj mostly because of name value. Is dj a great player? Of course he is. But the rankings are seriously disregarding the supporting cast, which matters greatly in fantasy football. It's like Randy moss in Oakland compared to Randy moss in New England. But I'm not falling into that trap anymore. I'd rather play Michel or jones, who are consistently ranked lower than dj, but have a better shot of having a good game due to their offense and supporting cast.
  12. Well, good luck. I am just not that confident. What changed? A new coordinator? That doesn't change the fact that DJ is in a s---y offense with a rookie QB and no other weapons. A coordinator can only scheme so much with no talent. They can't sustain drives, and are rarely in the redzone/goalline. I've been burned by DJ too much. But good luck to all playing him.
  13. I hope dj explodes today. That being said, I'm benching him for Jones. I just think Jones should have a better day with Rodgers keeping the defense honest. Also, game could quickly get out of hand and dj gets game scripted out. Ill be happy to eat crow later. Good luck to all those playing him.
  14. Well, everyone in your league is at fault. And the guy who got Conner was damn lucky. I don't know how Conner was left in FA in your league after it was widely reported that Bell will not report in time. Bell is a high RB1, and volume and usage is second to none in the league. His backup (Conner) should have been drafted (albeit late rounds) after the reports of Bell not reporting just in case the holdout goes longer than expected...which it did. I drafted Conner in the 11th round in my league, and stole him from the Bell owner. Late round players are fliers anyways. Do all late round fliers hit big? No. But since this flier was taking the spot of a high RB1, he was worth a bench spot before the season started.