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  1. Do you think a huge lead dictates less throwing and more running to limit turnovers and kill clock?
  2. Depends on your options. I'm struggling with this one as well with Robert Woods as my other option.
  3. Except in the Super Bowl. Then they want to throw from the one. LOL
  4. I believe Gardner is a free agent at the end of the year. They won't resign him, making room for Frazier. No way they move Andujar unless it's for something spectacular.
  5. Fans not even waiting for the media. They booed him back to the dugout after the 5th K.
  6. Not sure that it matters against CLE, but Det is also coming off a short week having played Monday night. I can't see using the Rams again safely until the last day of the season against SF. Probably taking them this week. Hope there isn't a let down after dropping 51 last week.
  7. Depends on your specific pool rules. The most common rules don't allow you to use a team twice. I have been in pools that did allow us to use a team more than once. But as I said, more commonly you cannot.
  8. Down to 21 of 542. I included Tenn as a team to consider this week. I'm leaning toward Rams.
  9. Now Fournette isn’t playing. What the hell.........
  10. The timing on this kills me. I've already used Phi, NO, and Sea. Hou still 7pt favorite against hapless Colts. Leaning Jags at home against team that beat hapless Colts by 1. LOL
  11. With Elliot playing this week, I'm considering Dal @ SF. The only other week I can confidently pick them the rest of the way is against SD. If Elliot gets suspended again, I don't think I'd ever take them. Otherwise, I'm thinking Tenn.
  12. Apparently, Arod delivered the message, not Girardi. http://nypost.com/2017/08/16/gary-sanchez-a-different-player-since-lunch-with-a-rod-and-j-lo/