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  1. For the people with byes this week, who are you stashing for week 15 and 16? Chi? Wash? GB? Arizona?
  2. This week might be bad, but he gets NY and Oak the weeks after... better than the options I have on the waiver currently. I think he'll bounce back
  3. Is "normal" recovery for a concussion about a week?
  4. AB didn't even do that well, if everyone on the offense does well and Eli doesn't then I'll worry. But for now I'll hold.
  5. Wow... I'm debating if I should start him this week now.
  6. After watching all of Brock's throws from week one, so many went to fuller. If they can get more in sync there would've been 3/50/1 added on...
  7. I'm thinking of having him as my flex with Hop as my WR1... Is it possible for two Texans wr to be successful in PPR? Debating on the volume.