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  1. What’s your thoughts. 10 team- STD League- I would get Howard Here is my team- Rivers M. Thomas, Diggs, Hogan, E. Sanders, Stills, J. Brown. Barkely, Cook, Hyde, Rex Reed,Njoku My thought was to do nothing, but can say it is tempting with others wr. leave your questions
  2. Like others have mentioned think you have a great team.. As you know WR could be an issue but you have huge upside as well. Good luck
  3. I would!! Great value and you are needing some help at RB. Help me out..
  4. My Pick would be Clement.. Know he played well in the super bowl but feel if you drop will be able to pick up. Help me out
  5. Have been offered Lynch for Emanuel Sanders. 10 team— STD league— Qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1 flex, Te, K, Def current team Rivers M. Thomas, Diggs, Hogan, Sanders, Stills, Smokey Barkley, Cook, Burkhead, Hyde, White Reed, Would you take this trade? Original thought is to make the trade, but i have no idea what they are doing in Oakland.. Could see Lynch get quite a few touches but feel their game script isn’t going to be in his favor. Leave your questions..
  6. Solid team with options to trade if needed.. Help me out..
  7. Team is stacked!! Would say you have a very good chance.. Help me out..
  8. Solid!! At first glance thought wr were weak, but at the end of the day like your team..
  9. @CornBreadFred think qb’s make that big of difffence? Can say with all the rbs already off the board a little nervours
  10. @Eddie Mush I don’t know it yet unfortunately.. Have to have keeper by 12 pm
  11. My thought is to go with Cook, but am I crazy to think about J Gordon in the 15th?
  12. Last one from me on this.. 10 team— STD— Pick one Odell- 1st Michael Thomas- 2nd Mixon-3rd Cook-3rd J Gordon-15 Watson-15 Likely keepers- Elliot-1 kamara-15 d. Johnson 1 fournette 3 gurley-2 mccoy-4 m. Gordon- 8 ajayi- 9 j Williams 15 as always appreciate everything and leave a question.
  13. Value wise i would say Watson, but i lean Diggs.. Guy is a game changer when healthy.
  14. Had not thought of this but really makes sense.. As far as others I do not at this time.. Going down the teams i would say Hunt/Dalvin Kamara/Thielen Ab/Hop Mixon/Luck zeke/fournette Bell/diggs dj/Kelce gurley/hill adams/Howard