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  1. Value wise i would say Watson, but i lean Diggs.. Guy is a game changer when healthy.
  2. Had not thought of this but really makes sense.. As far as others I do not at this time.. Going down the teams i would say Hunt/Dalvin Kamara/Thielen Ab/Hop Mixon/Luck zeke/fournette Bell/diggs dj/Kelce gurley/hill adams/Howard
  3. Leave your questions as well and will answer as many as possible.
  4. Yall always got my back and will be interested to see what you have to say this go around. Keeping 2---- 10 team--- 1/2 point PPR -- dont know draft order yet--- Here are my guys- AJ Green- 1st Melvin Gordon- 2nd Kennan Allen- 4th Fitz- 6th Wilson-7th Mckinnon -14th Jamaal Williams 14th When I first looked at this I thought Gordon and Allen, but is it smart to take two guys from the same team? Could also see going- Melvin and Mckinnon- which gives me two decent rbs and if Mckinnon is a bust I dont lose much. Allen and Fitz
  5. @K197040 appreciate the feedback
  6. @Jaw1 thanks for the detailed response.. I have been flopping back and forth with Mixon and Cook only because of Cooks knee. To be honest need to do some reading to see how he is progressing or if it is even anything to worry about. Above I lay out team size and who i believe keepers will be. Let me know if that changes anything and thanks again. The owner of Gurley in the second could also take Hunt in the 8th or Bell in the 1st. He won the league pretty easily with those three.
  7. Theilen Cooper Diggs Baldwin A. Rob As others have mentioned above.. If Baldwin is healthy he moves to the top for me.
  8. @Idoolittle This is a 10 team std league.. Why do you go Cook over Mixon? I feel those two give me the best value and still give me first round pick options.
  9. @K197040 That is the cool/downside to this league is that we wont know any of that till 30 min before the draft when it opens. Also these keepers can be kept for a max of three years which is why some rounds are later. Here is who I think will be taken. Kelce 4th Elliot 1st or Henrey 8th DJ-1st Ab-1st, Green-2nd or Fournette 3 Gurley 2nd Melvin Gordan 8th Ajayi 9th Kamara-FA so 8th or 9th round A lot of guessing
  10. I have to pick one player and lose the round they were drafted in- Odell-1st Michael Thomas-2nd Hilton- 3rd Mixon- 3rd Dalvin Cook- 3rd other options are... Josh Gordon- match latest keeper selected looks like 8th round right now Deshaun Watson- assuming 8th I am leaning towards Mixon in the 3rd, but what do you guys think?