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  1. AB is a massive upgrade over most WR2s. If it blows up and he is suspended, you can probably find a WR3 on waivers and/or stream all season and not lose too much production. I would certainly argue it would not be the difference whether you win the championship or not.
  2. If you are convinced he will be suspended, no. But there is little indication that will happen, currently. I am not sure these texts change much regardless of my personal opinion. But I would certainly entertain AB for players MIke W., Chark, Jeffrey, etc.
  3. It just depends on roster construction, current health of roster, current record, and how risk averse each owner is. If you can find an owner who is 0-2 or 1-1 and has lost a key player to injury like Hill or has someone out like Melvin, they might need that depth and cannot afford to wait. I always want the best players in deals but I am not so sure it is the best time to make those kind of moves. Being so early, give me depth. I will target the elite players in 2 for 1s later in the season.
  4. It is not likely but certainly a good option to pursue and pretty fair for both sides. I agree you might be best to hold on to him but that also depends on what you think his value is with NE. Is it more or less than OAK? Obviously Brady is superior but he (AB) is not likely to see the same targets he would have in OAK. Plus the obvious risk of him being suspended. I would certainly entertain some combination of RB2s/WR2s.
  5. Just depends. There is a good chance someone is stacking a couple of good TEs and might come off of one. Think: an owner with an elite TE and someone like Mark Andrews that was grabbed late or off waivers. Or someone rostering two top-tier QBs. But yes, in regards to getting value back in a RB1 or WR1: good luck with that.
  6. ANY player that is playing only 24 snaps is risky. That is basically one half of football. I guess you skipped over the part where I was not comparing their (AB and JG) current form. I could not care less what your thoughts were prior to kick-off. He played only 24 snaps. That is risky.
  7. Long TDs that are extremely unpredictable and unreliable is how.
  8. I will not completely argue that but Bill B. could have gone a completely different route with his strategy too. Hindsight is 20/20. Just look at Gordon's debut last season: In no way am I comparing the players and their current form, but Gordon-- who also had more time to familiarize himself with the playbook-- saw only 2 targets (on 18 snaps) against the same MIA team that NE drummed 38-7. And it is not as if Gordon is some scrub either.
  9. He played only 24 snaps. Sure he produced on those and nobody should be surprised, but he could have easily put up a dud on such limited snaps. Would he have been a must-start had you been told prior to kick-off he would play only 24 snaps with less than a week to prepare? I think starting him was a risky proposition regardless of the outcome.
  10. I did not get to watch the game but I did follow the gamecast and it looked like his YPC was much better prior to the goal-line opportunities. He took a couple of no-gains or even losses and then when he did convert, it was a 1 yard run. So take it FWIW.
  11. Big players do not usually look fast. Gordon has always possessed world class speed, and unless he is dealing with an injury we are unaware of, it is doubtful he does not still possess that speed at 28. It seems on RW forums that Gordon began his physical decline in his mid-20s LOL.